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I adore the ladies! They work hard and are extremely professional. I was excited they didn't mind that I will be home during cleanings because I work from home. This is the first cleaning company that didn't ask me to leave and has treated my dog like their own. Love these ladies and am always impressed with their work and friendly disposition.
Thank you, The Cleaning Authority, the lovely women who visit my home every two weeks and make it shine. I love coming home on the days they have cleaned our house! I work long hours and it is truly a weight off my shoulders to walk in the door and see a clean house. Thank you for all the small touches - our kitchen counters simply gleam and floors are so clean!
Team 4 is an absolute joy and does an amazing job caring for our house. I have never been happier. What a team! We look forward to each visit. Thank you for sending them to us!
These guys are great! They do a very nice job and have been very responsive to any requests by us. We're fortunate to have Team 6.
We have had a great experience with The Cleaning Authority since we first hired them more than a year ago. The manager, Carlos, has worked with us through several moves in the St. Pete area and our Team is terrific! They are consistently on time and do a very thorough job each and every week. It is amazing to come home after they are here and the house is sparkly clean! The Teams are very friendly and my Husband and I enjoy seeing them. I appreciate this company and our cleaners greatly and would highly recommend them to friends and family!
I am pleased to have found this cleaning service. I appreciate there is no contract. They are friendly and reliable. I feel comfortable leaving the team in my home alone. I really like the rotating clean schedule. My whole house is cleaned but they pay special attention to areas each time. Setting up the first clean was fast and easy. If I needed to reschedule or stop the cleaning for travel they were happy to do so. One time I was not happy with a cleaning and they offered to come back out to fix it. It has been sometime now since we started and they consistently do the same quality work. This was an issue with other cleaners I had. I have recommended this company to others and I'm happy with the cleaning of my Team.
Been using The Cleaning Authority for a couple of months now. Most teams do exceptional work, especially Team 2. I loved the initial deep clean and the little details that this team takes the time to do. I come home to a spotless house with accents of TLC. TCA tries to consistently provide the same service from the same teams, and you get used to the way specific teams clean so if for some reason you get a different team, you definitely notice!
We are pleased that we started service with this company , as they are great at communication and cleaning. Team #1 has done a great job! Thank you.
Been using The Cleaning Authority for a few months...Very reliable and friendly service. Affordable rates and always call ahead to confirm appointments.
The Cleaning Authority have been cleaning my home weekly for approximately 2 months. We have 5 cats and 2 dogs, therefore consistently we have a "hairy house". They have done a wonderful job. I now LOVE Wednesday... when I come the house looks and smells CLEAN! It's a real perk in the week! And.... now my weekend can be spent doing things I love instead of dreading cleaning for 1/2 a day. In addition, the few times I have requested a little extra polish in a few places they made it happen. I really appreciate the care they have taken to make sure I am pleased with the service. In addition, I am impressed that (1) they show up every week and (2) I receive a text message each week the day prior reminding me of the cleaning. These ladies and The Cleaning Authority are worth every penny!
Team #7 is the BEST!! They are very thorough, friendly, fast and do a great job! They always have a smile and are just all around awesome ladies!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I'm posting this review on behalf of my grandpa, Tom, from Seminole, FL. Very efficient and do EXCELLENT work. They even play with his little puppy when they come! This is for team #4. Thank you ladies for doing such a great job and helping him out!
We've had a very good experience with this company. We have Team #1. They do a great job helping us to control our mess :)
We have been using The Cleaning Authority for some time now and are consistently pleased with their services. Their pricing is fair and we appreciate the text reminders about when our service will be. They do a super job!
We've been using The Cleaning Authority for about 6 months now, and they have been doing a great job! Team 6 has been very thorough and reliable. Thanks very much!
I have been using this service for several months now. I have been very satisfied with the services of Team #2. The company has been very accommodating with my schedule and very pleasant to deal with.
We have used The Cleaning Authority- St Petersburg for a couple of months now and are very happy. Team #7 have been our cleaning crew from the beginning. They are pleasant and hardworking and are flexible with our questions and requests. We really like the deep cleaning on rotation approach- it's great to know exactly what will be deep cleaned when and the schedule is more than adequate to keep things looking and feeling great! Carlos has been patient with our scheduling requests and is always responsive to calls or texts. I think they are still getting to know us and the intricacies of cleaning our house so I am rating only 4 stars. Can see a time when I would raise that to 5. I would definitely recommend!
It is so nice to know there are honest people out there yet! I came home to find that our cleaners found my niece's wallet in my son's room with $80 in cash. She must have lost it during her visit from Indiana. I wasn't even aware that it was missing. I immediately called the owner and gave praises to the team that was here that morning. Thank you to the crew at The Cleaning Authority in St. Pete!! And thank you team 3. You are always so pleasant, efficient and do a great job.
Team #5 is great! I am a new customer - love coming home to a clean house!
The team has been cleaning our house for about a year and has been doing a great job!
GREAT job team 3!! Friendly and professional and left this placing looking awesome!
The best! Can't be beat. The Cleaning Authority brightens our lives every 2 weeks by cleaning everything... and they do it well. Very pleased with attention to detail and thoroughness. We're moving and The Cleaning Authority is coming with us to our new home. A clean house can save a marriage and The Cleaning Authority is better (and cheaper) than a marriage counselor!
We have had team 4 cleaning our house for months now biweekly. They always do such a nice job. Our house looks brand new every 2 weeks. The 2 of them are so friendly and pleasant when they are here too. I highly recommend them to any busy homeowner like me that doesn't have to time to periodically do a necessary good house cleaning.
I love The Cleaning Authority! My team #6 is friendly, efficient, and SO good at their jobs. They literally mop themselves out the door... :)
My team has been doing great work on my house for over a year. They are team 3 they do a great job and also are very good about working around my and my kids' schedules! I am very happy with The Cleaning Authority.
I am a new client of The Cleaning Authority and have just completed my second initial cleaning. My team is amazing. They are polite and friendly, yet all business. They have their jobs to complete, work diligently to accomplish them and leave my home sparkling. Wish I had found Carlos, this business and these competent woman sooner.
I have debated a cleaning company for years now because I've always worried about whether it would be worth it. Every other Thursday is the best day of my life!! My team is #4, and they make my life so much better! I no longer spend every weekend cleaning and when I want to do something deep, I can do it without having to first take care of all the routine stuff. I now spend the entire weekend with my son instead! They are always very nice, punctual and I love that they leave my son's shark on my bathtub! I get a notice the day before as to what time they will be here and I can plan my day around it.
The team arrived shortly after start time. They were pleasant and focused on providing a thorough cleaning ... I highly recommend The Cleaning Authority.
I've been using The Cleaning Authority biweekly for about 2 months now. This is after another cleaning service was let go. Normally it's the same team but not necessarily the same people. I'm okay with that. They have a check list and ensure everything on the list is done. The other service I had did not do that and I would come home to find things not done. I have 3 dogs and lots of dog hair. The Cleaning Authority ensures the house is clean. My kitchen sink will stay clean until the next service which is a big deal. The team is punctual, efficient and fast. They leave a note telling me what they cleaned that day along with what will be done at the next service. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't clean my entire house each time, and focus on certain areas each time and then do as they do, and lightly clean (dust/vacuum) other areas. I also get a text reminder the day before to let me know they are coming. So far, what Carlos and I discussed in our initial estimate is exactly what Team 6 has been doing. I feel if something was not up to standard, it would be quickly addressed and corrected. But, I haven't had that happen and don't expect to happen. Great job!
We have used The Cleaning Authority for a weekly cleaning for about three months now. They are fantastic! As with any cleaning service there are always going to be small things which get missed from time to time however overall they do a terrific job, especially where it counts… the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. We have never had to call and complain or have someone come back. Some other reviewers have complained they arrive at their own convenience. This is never a problem for us because we always receive a text from Carlos letting us know when to expect the crew the next day. So, even though the start time changes periodically we're always fully informed. We have had different cleaning companies/services on and off for over a decade. The Cleaning Authority is at the top of our list.
We have had The Cleaning Authority clean our home on a bi-weekly basis since March 2017. We have Team 2: this team is professional, caring, and efficient. Truly pleased with the service we've received. Had the flu and had to reschedule on short notice. Carlos was understanding and able to accommodate the reschedule. Had another service prior to The Cleaning Authority and am very happy with the team 2 and Carlos! Thank you!
I hired The Cleaning Authority last year. I'm thrilled with their service and reliability. We have 2 cleaners come in weekly and our house is 3200 sq ft. The house is spotless in about two hours. I love their rotating focus on different parts of the house. Everything gets a heavy cleaning during the rotation.. The crew is always nice with me and my pets. One of them even bring cookies for my dogs every time she comes. I was skeptical but after 5-6 cleanings I decided to left them a key. Going out for work with a mess and getting back with your house cleaned... there's no greater feeling!
Thank you The Cleaning Authority! I always look forward to the days you show up and leave my little house so fresh and clean. These are the simple pleasures of life. Thank you so much.
TCA has been prompt, professional and flexible. The teams are super reliable and extremely thorough. They come every other week and the house is always sparkling when I get home. They're trustworthy and extremely skilled. I have had a lot of cleaning services over the years and this is among the best.
Been using The Cleaning Authority for about 18 months now. They run a very professional business. We have weekly service and I never have to worry about whether or not they will show up. We always have team of two people and they clean the house quickly and efficiently. Our current team is so sweet. They're super nice ladies that are kind enough to work around my lazy teenagers home during the summer and they bring treats for our dog every week!
Love these guys. Tried a number of services but TCA is the best. Owner takes it personally and you can tell he cares. He even knows we're white sox fans! We couldn't ask for anyone better. We trust that they'll do a great job and they never fail. They even greet our dogs by name! All the stars!
I am so pleased with The Cleaning Authority's service. The owners came out and gave a very fair estimate and explained, in detail, their process of rotation cleaning. We were very impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of their cleaning crew.
I have had great experiences with my regular team. They are always on time, listen well to my instructions, & do a a lovely job very efficiently. The products they use leave no unpleasant lingering odors in the house. Communication with the company is also very good. The girls are always pleasant and cheerful... and I love that!
I held off hiring a cleaning service for AGES because it felt way too decadent. Also, locally, a lot seemed to be very small independent operations that either were not taking new clients or were not returning my calls. Enter The Cleaning Authority St. Petersburg! Carlos, the owner, came over and literally sat down at the dining room table with me and my husband and explained the company's rotation system - details are on their website but basically during the first two visits, two of four areas get a thorough deep clean. Then, every other week one area rotates into a "detail clean" while the other areas get an "every visit" clean. The every visit cleans are much more than a "once over," and everything truly holds up until they come again in two weeks. The scheduling system seems a little unorthodox, but I've never had a cleaning system AND it was explained to us before we signed-up officially, so it was not a surprise. We get a text the day before our scheduled day - Tuesday - and are told approximately what time a team will arrive. They have always been punctual and in case they have a scheduling change and request to arrive earlier or later, they call us and make sure it is not a problem. Also, I do believe that since business is prospering, and everyone wants a clean on Thursday or Friday, those days might be more difficult to book. We are completely happy with a Tuesday clean day - they do such a great job it takes NOTHING to tidy up on a Friday if we're having weekend company They seem to use "green," Earth Friendly products which was not something I required, but appreciate I had a REALLY stressful long day at work today and it all just LIFTED off of me the second I walked in the door. If you were hesitating hiring a cleaning company, stop it! Just do it! Honestly, I now have so much more time to do other household things OR just relax in my own tidy home without feeling guilty. I wish I had not waited!