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A thorough, thoughtful and competent house cleaning. Very polite ladies, obviously well trained.
They came, they cleaned, they left me with a home so clean that I could relax again. Being sick and not being able to clean my own home has been very hard on me. Trusting this to Daisy and her crew gave me relief. Prompt and effective, I am very pleased with this decision.
A wonderful job! so thorough and unbelievably clean! My home is cleaner than it's ever been! I was so excited to see vacuum marks on the couch!! Can't wait for them to come back. I am recommending them to everyone!
I love the ladies and I sincerely express my thanks to this company for providing such a gratifying experience. I don't require much and I do appreciate them doing the tedious things that I am unable to do.
They did a great job!
I am never disappointed, always come home to a perfect house. If leave a request it is always accomplished. I recommend them all the time.
Well, I'll have to tidy up occasionally, but after my experience with the amazing team at The Cleaning Authority, my deep cleaning days are over. The Cleaning Authority is professional, on-time, and truly an authority on cleaning. Not a single joke made about how my baseboards looked neglected although there were lots of smile from the friendly team who cares about the work they do. My home looks fabulous and smells fresh (not perfumed with artificial cleaning scents) and I'm grateful for their expertise.
The 2 ladies who come now most often are very professional. They work diligently & proficiently. I like to have the same folks every week. It is easier to evaluate their work and I feel comfortable with knowing that are going to do a good job.
I considered "The Cleaning Authority" some months ago but went with a different service. I found myself after that having to reconsider, they (person who took my call) was engaging and gladly sent a representative a second time to talk with me. I was impressed with Yaritza (I hope I have her name right) when she explained in detail what to expect each time our home would be cleaned when she arrived. My team did a wonderful job cleaning, they were professional, friendly and detailed! Yaritza returned during the clean and checked on the work they were doing. I am sure all the employees are as impressive as these lady's however I wish to thank all involved in our first initial clean especially Maria and Chena!
Always on time and they always do a great job!
I have a great team and they are non-stop worker bees! My house looks great when they leave! I really like the deep cleaning rotation as well.
Very thorough. I look forward to them cleaning for me bi-weekly.
I was pleasantly surprised coming home from work to an immaculate house! It was like I lived in a hotel and everything was just perfect right down the the rose created out of toilet paper on the roll!
I have used other companies in the past and they never left it as clean as I could. I was skeptical, but really need help keeping up with my house. The Cleaning Authority not only met my expectations, but they exceeded them. Not only did the ladies do an outstanding and detailed job, but they were very friendly and professional. The supervisor even came to inspect and help out for a bit. I believe they went over and above and I am very grateful.
We just started with The Cleaning Authority & I couldn't be happier. The cleaning crew was very efficient but also detail oriented. Also, they were polite & asked me to review all their work & if they had done things to my satisfaction. They had! Additionally, I also liked the fact that the crew's supervisor checked in & reviewed the work done. I am so thrilled to have some time for myself (we have 3 kids). Well worth the investment for time. Thank you.
House smells good and looks very clean.
I had my first cleaning on a Friday. First time ever for me to get to go into the office and come home to a nice clean house. The ladies did a tremendous job my husband said that someone came in as they were cleaning and redirected them to something that wasn't to her standard. It's nice to know that they take pride in their work.
The ladies who came to clean were professional, and did an awesome job. They cleaned each and every inch of the house. We were very satisfied and so happy with what they did. They even sent a Supervisor to inspect the job they had done. All I can say is what an OUTSTANDING JOB.
I just wanted to let you know that they did an OUTSTANDING JOB and I was so pleased when I got home from work that day and saw my home. I am excited to continue my service with your company and look forward to that great feeling of walking into a beautifully cleaned house after your team have been there. Please let the lady's know that I am grateful for their hard work and professionalism. I will highly recommend The Cleaning Authority to my family and friends.
I just wanted to send a note to thank the fantastic team who has made my home look wonderful again. I am almost embarrassed to have had to need a cleaning service, but I work so much during the week, the last thing I want to do on the weekend is clean. I am so appreciative of the team. Because of their efforts, I have more time to spend with my children during the weekends. They have done a very nice job the two times they have come so far. My home was sparkling and smelled great when I came home today. Please tell them that I say, "thank you!"
I have used your company for over 2 yrs and I am indeed a very satisfied customer. I tell everyone about how great this company is! I posted on my Facebook today how much I love The Cleaning Authority! Advised them to look up the company in their area.
The staff did an excellent job, again yesterday. These girls pay extra attention to detail. I asked them how they learned to do this job, house cleaning is as much an art as it is hard work. I think you are doing an excellent job training your workers – THANK YOU!
The team did a very nice job yesterday. Thank you!
They did a fine job today!
Today's cleaning was excellent.
I want you to know that all of them team members that you have (today was team #27) are always amazingly friendly and courteous. They really do a fantastic job and we know that our house is never in the greatest condition when they come to clean. Our kids give us a run for our money most of the times. Personally I think your teams go above and beyond with the service. Today I made a point to make the beds before they came (albeit a really bad attempt on my part). But, sure enough, when I returned after the team left all of the beds were re-made by the team and look immaculate. Even my son's room where they had to sift through his mountain of toys and stuffed animals - all were neatly arranged and put in just the right place. What I want the teams to know is how much that is appreciated. My son comes home after cleaning days (he is 6 years old) and he is so excited to see how perfect everything is. He pays special attention to how his stuffed animals are all arranged like a little family just waiting for him to come home and play. In short, I want to make sure that we take the time to THANK YOU and the entire Cleaning Authority organization for the service you all provide. Your teams are amazing and I am sure each one of them is a pleasure to be around.
We have been customers of The Cleaning Authority for more than 2 years now. We LOVE your company. Our ladies are amazing. My grandson is the biggest slob (he's 15) and they always make his room look like he moved out. Clean, organized and proper. Adyl has been our cleaner and when the other cleaner, Yusleivy, left, the new lady stepped in and she is just as good. You have a way of hiring just the right people. You are absolutely right in saying that it leaves me time to do other things. My house is only 2 + years old, but since these ladies have kept it looking new, I don't worry about how my bathrooms look, or if the corners are clean because they take care of the heavy detail work that I don't have the time or the interest to do myself. Day to day cleaning is a breeze since they take care of the detail work. Thank you and please thank our ladies. They are amazing, hardworking, honest and caring.
I have been very satisfied with the Cleaning Authority's service, the professionalism of your cleaners, their punctuality, kindness and quality of their work. I have nothing but positive things to say about the service you guys provide.
The quality of his cleans is excellent - - better than any other service he has had. Thank you!!!
What a fabulous job your cleaning team has been doing. I have been super pleased with how beautiful and clean and fresh my house is when I return home on Tuesday afternoons, it's such a treat for me! I know my house isn't the easiest to clean, and we always have a lot going on, but that never seems to make a difference in how my home looks when I come back. Thank you.