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My first cleaning was great.
The girls do a very thorough job, and are courteous and professional in the process.
I've used TCA before in my previous city, so it's such a relief to have you in my new location.
The team was friendly and understanding. ......satisfied.
The cleaning was thorough. I was most impressed with the PLAN that was scheduled and completed with precision among the team.
Before finding The Cleaning Authority, I tried two other major cleaning services in my area (Molly Maids and Maid Pro) and was constantly disappointed. One service would never clean to my standards, even after many, many attempts to work with them. After the 4th time this happened (I know, why did I wait this long?!) I insisted they send someone back to fix the situation, which they did. I had hope that would have be the last time, but no. I fired them after #5 and found The Cleaning Authority. I have been happy ever since. Not only are they easy to work with, they are also less expensive. A double bonus! My advice, don't waste your time with someone else. This is the only cleaning service you'll need.
We are absolutely delighted with your service..Your service is thorough and the workers are so eager to please. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone......
I had my first experience with the Cleaning Authority on Thursday April 21st. Very pleased with the 3 young ladies. Very professional and efficient. They arrived in a very timely fashion and went straight to their job. Hopefully Maileda, Lakiesha and Brittany will continue cleaning my home on a regular basis.
So happy with the service! We love to come home after TCA has been at the house - seriously turns manic Mondays into magical Mondays! Thank you!!
My wife and I are extremely pleased with the professionalism and the quality work that your staff provided on their visit to our home. My wife also was impress that a supervisor stopped by and inspected and pointed out additional items that needed attention. During the course of 5 years of having to use cleaning services, by far your company has outshined everyone else.
I wish to thank the crew who cleaned my home last week when I needed to change my date due to a new HVAC system being installed and T-7 this week. My home looks fantastic and everything is perfectly in place. What more could a busy woman want!! Thanks so much for working so hard for your clients in all respects. You all rule!!
I came home from a very long week and some very long hours to a beautiful home. I have never even met anyone that cleans our home becuase I am gone by the time they arrive. It was such a pleasure to be greeted with a clean home and know I didn't have to do it this weekend. I can recover from the week and start over strong for my employer on Monday! Each time it seems to get sparklier and sparklier.
Customer called to say the team did a fantastic job today, better than any service she has had in the past!!!!
I am a long time customer, having been with Cleaning Authority Va Beach since they opened here. That says something about the quality and consistency of their staff! I love my crew and consider them extended family members. They are very good at what they do and they care about us (and our furry family members too)! I highly recommend them to anyone frustrated with low quality cleaning and unresponsive companies. Cleaning Authority is the best and I hope to have many more years of their good service!!
I wanted to let you know that the Cleaners did a beautiful job in my home. They worked so hard the entire time and I am very very pleased with the quality of the clean and the professionalism that the cleaners showed. Please thank them and I can't wait to see them on my next clean.