How The Cleaning Authority Celebrates Diversity in Franchising

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The cleaning industry is booming, with it being worth over $292.6 billion and expected to grow over 6% year over year, The Cleaning Authority wants you to be a part of the number #1 franchise in this growing industry. With that, we understand that franchising is made up of a collective community meant to learn, educate, and collaborate with others.

The Cleaning Authority wants to promote more diversity and inclusion, according to the US. Census Bureau, one-third of franchise owners are minorities compared to 18.8% of nonfranchise owners. Franchise ownership has increased by over 50% in minorities and women since 2007-2012. The Cleaning Authority is creating initiatives to not only celebrate diversity and franchising but to promote more diversity in franchise ownership.

The Cleaning Authority is proud to provide a $5,000 discount is given to those who are minority or women business owners. This program also helps educate, promote, and create more opportunities for those looking to get into franchise ownership.

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