The Power of Franchising as an Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, growing toward your goals, , and most of all, creating something you are proud of. Franchising gives you all of that with support, training, and marketing resources so you can focus on the bigger picture and not worry about the day-to-day. Our cleaning franchise owners come from various backgrounds and have become successful by following our proven business model. Let us look at some!

Meet Paul Maione, a multi-unit franchise owner of West Chester, Ohio, he originally became interested in The Cleaning Authority because we have a well-established 45+ year business model that has the right systems and processes in place.

He had previous experience in the insurance industry for over 27 years. He knew he always wanted to own his own business and be his own boss. He then started looking at other franchise opportunities and when he found The Cleaning Authority, he knew that it would be a perfect change of career for him!

A key differentiator Paul found at The Cleaning Authority was that our support system is unmatched. Having the ability to have our world-class technology at his fingertips made him want to invest. He also loved the fact that we offer all our franchise owner access to our operations team, their focus is to walk you through our manual and answer any questions you might have.

He most recently was the recipient of our Referral Program reward. This was created for other franchise owners to recommend people they thought would be great owners. He won $30,000 and is now using this money to grow his portfolio and invest in another Authority Brands franchise, Color World Painting.

It is amazing to see our franchise owners investing in our other sister brands! To learn more about how you can start click here