Support from The Cleaning Authority's Franchise Network

Networking with The Cleaning Authority

Our Networking Provides the Support Your Home Cleaning Business Deserves

When you become a member of The Cleaning Authority, you’re joining a family of franchise owners who work to support each other. While small cleaning companies have to approach challenges alone, our franchise owners enjoy the benefit of learning from the experience of others. This way, lessons don’t have to come to them the hard way!

Growing a business takes hard work and experience—something our owners share with each other. From our annual convention to our coaching from other franchise owners, you’ll never be alone on your journey. Our network of successful franchisees means that if you’re facing a problem, there’s likely someone with first-hand experience who is ready to help you!

The Cleaning Authority’s Franchise Convention

Our annual convention brings owners together and helps them discuss ideas, share stories, and bond with each other. Additionally, they help franchise owners learn from our corporate staff in an engaging way that also helps us celebrate success stories!

Our annual convention includes:

  • Guest speakers who provide insight into areas of focus within the business
  • Networking with other franchisees, as well as our corporate staff
  • Training tracks for managers
  • Unveiling of new technology and business features

Learn from Dedicated Operations Representatives

Networking comes built into The Cleaning Authority model thanks to our dedicated operations representatives. These top-performing franchise owners are always ready to provide their insight and advice to help grow your business. Since they’ve already obtained success, our dedicated operations representatives have the experience required to truly help you overcome challenges.

A Network of Franchisees with Valuable Experience & Education

Since we have over 220 franchisees, it’s likely that someone has been in your position before and they’re ready to help! Our franchisees are ready to help each other through every step of owning a The Cleaning Authority location. From setting up a new business to working out the needed components of a successful one, there’s always someone who is ready to help!

Importantly, our franchisee network consists of corporate executives from fortune 100 companies, experience franchisees of other brands, and over 50% hold MBAs. While this doesn’t mean you need to be any of these things to start a successful The Cleaning Authority franchise, it does mean that you’re in great company when doing so! It also shows that our business method is one that has earned the trust and respect of seasoned professionals.

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