Become An Authority in the High-Demand Cleaning Industry

Why Choose Our Home Cleaning Franchise?

Invest in Yourself with a Scalable Cleaning Company

If you’re looking to open a business that’s in-demand, scalable, and designed to grow, joining The Cleaning Authority is the right decision for you. Opening a cleaning franchise with us means joining a proven business model supported by a company with over 30 years of success. While our service is a simple one that every home needs, our strategies are dynamic and are designed to help franchise owners build the business of their dreams.

We've helped hundreds franchisees—more than half of whom have MBAs—start the business of their dreams. While our owners are at the heart of The Cleaning Authority’s success, our support is what helps to propel their success. Our model is designed to support our franchisees and help them work toward absentee ownership—all while maintaining regular work hours!

Find out what hundreds of ambitious franchise owners have already experienced for yourself! Call The Cleaning Authority to find out more about opening a cleaning franchise at (888) 718-4534.

A Reliable Industry for Your Peace of Mind

At The Cleaning Authority, the average operator generates $2.0* million in annual revenue. This happens thanks to our operation methods and the reliability of the cleaning industry.

Reasons The Cleaning Authority location have thrived over the years include:

  • A simple service that every home needs
  • Detailed, proven cleaning operating procedures
  • Adaptability to market changes
  • Environmentally friendly positioning

Why Pick The Cleaning Authority?

Importantly, we aren’t a company that sells jobs to our locations and our franchise owners don’t have to spend their days cleaning to run a franchise. Instead, our model lets franchisees focus on running and expanding a successful business. Enabling owners to focus on growth means that we’re usually the largest home cleaning company in the markets that we operate in!

Things that help our home cleaning franchises grow include:

  • A system that drives scalability, recurring revenue, and optimized unit economics
  • Expert marketing that generates over 86% of a franchise’s customers
  • Management programs and operational infrastructure that focuses on developing and retaining employees
  • Live, in-depth profit tracking
  • A call center that handles all customer calls

The Cleaning Authority is picked by franchise owners thanks to how it enables them to have weekends to themselves. With service hours that operate typical Monday-to-Friday hours, The Cleaning Authority franchise owners avoid the dreaded long weekends associated with owning other types of businesses. Additionally, our model is focused on developing a business toward absentee ownership—making us a great choice for business people who view starting a franchise as an investment!

Benefits our business model provides include:

  • Low Risk: Recurring revenue and outsourced marketing execution to make growth easier
  • Competitive Dynamics: Local competitors often don’t have the same resources and brand recognition as our franchises
  • Great Lifestyle: No weekends and late nights
  • Top-Notch Support Systems: Hands-on operations-focused corporate team and a network of dedicated and experienced franchise owners
  • Low Capital Commitment: Low investment costs, working capital, and limited capital expenditures

Opening a Home Cleaning Franchise Is Simple with The Cleaning Authority

Two things are required to open a The Cleaning Authority location: ambition and the willingness to use the tools we provide for success. It doesn’t take familiarity with the home cleaning service industry to take advantage of our franchise opportunity. We train our franchise owners to make sure they’re ready to provide the same great services that The Cleaning Authority is known for nationwide. Then, we provide constant support to make sure franchisees can overcome any challenge they experience.

One of the most intimidating aspects of entering a new industry is learning how to reach new customers. We’ve simplified this process for franchisees with a sophisticated marketing system that’s focused on acquiring new customers. In fact, our locations receive about 86% of their new customers thanks to our national and localized marketing campaigns. Since The Cleaning Authority has a high customer retention rate, our effective marketing strategies mean continued growth for franchises!

You don’t have to wait! Finding out more starts with a simple phone call: (888) 718-4534.

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