Franchising FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Special Training or Background to Become a Franchisee of The Cleaning Authority?

No. Don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience with our company or running a franchise location. The Cleaning Authority provides our franchisees with all the tools they need for a long and successful career as a business owner.

We will provide full training and all of the management tools needed to begin and maintain your business. The Cleaning Authority offers the support our partners need to succeed, which is why we supply numerous training opportunities and resources to our franchisees.

Our Detail-Clean Rotation System® method of cleaning, coupled with our custom software program, will provide you with a logical approach to operating and managing a successful franchise. After the initial training, we will always be available to answer questions or lend assistance when you need it.

What Is the Initial Investment Cost to Start a Franchise with The Cleaning Authority?

Starting a franchise can be an expensive proposition. But, at The Cleaning Authority, you don't have to break the bank to get started. We offer two basic investment outline profiles.

*See Item 7 of our 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) for further details.

When you invest in a franchise with The Cleaning Authority, you invest in your franchise. Your money goes toward building up your business technology, office space, extra capital, and more. Fill out the form below or call (888) 718-4534 to learn more about investment costs.

Does The Cleaning Authority Have Protected Territories?

Yes. You will receive a protected territory, identified by zip codes. The major criterion is the number of target households within the territory, which will be between 15,000 and 60,000. The determination of the size and dimensions of the territory is based upon the geographic region of the franchise and your desired size of business.

How Do I Find Customers?

You don't have to find customers—the customers find you! We have developed a local marketing program that targets potential customers in every franchise territory. Our corporate headquarters will provide all of the marketing resources needed to reach your customer base and do the lead generation for you! Your potential customers will contact you. That leaves you to concentrate on what you do best: providing superior service.

Start the process today: call us at (888) 718-4534 or fill out our online form to get started!

How Will I Know What to Charge Customers?

Every market will be different based on the economy and the cost of living standard. During your training, , we will help you to research your territory to determine a fair and marketable price for your cleaning services.

How Do I Attract Employees?

Your employees will come from a number of resources such as newspaper or Indeed ads and referrals from other employees. The Cleaning Authority also provides online career marketing and information to attract individuals looking for opportunities in your business.

We will take you step by step through the advertising, interviewing, and hiring process for new employees. We will also show you how using a bonus and incentive plan can help to retain good employees.

Once you have your staff, our Career Opportunity Path helps our franchisees structurally organize their staff and move exceptional employees to positions where they can be great leaders!

What Facilities Do I Need to Manage My Business?

To properly operate and manage your business, you will need approximately 800 to 1,200 square feet of office and storage space. Preferably this space will be on a ground floor level with access to a parking lot for cleaners to easily load and unload their equipment each day. During your training , we will help you to determine an appropriate business location in your territory.

What Is the Next Step in Finding Out More Information About Becoming a Franchisee of The Cleaning Authority?

It's easy. Just fill out the form below or call our corporate headquarters at (888) 718-4534.

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