Continuous Innovation in the Cleaning Industry

Industry Innovation

Developing the Home Cleaning Industry’s Newest & Best Tools

The Cleaning Authority continuously enhances operational procedures and service offerings to make sure customers feel confident in using our services. In today’s ever-changing landscape, we are adapting to concerns around the novel Coronavirus and taking the necessary precautions while improving upon our core business services.

  • We make sure our cleaners work separately from our customers as much as possible by focusing on one part of the house at a time, using our Detail-Clean Rotation System.
  • The MyTCA app notifies customers when cleaners are coming and going, so that family members can move to another part of the house, run errands, etc. while cleaners are in the home.
  • Innovative new products, like our dry vapor cleaning & sanitizing system, provide add-on services and help differentiate our brand in the market.

MyTCA Mobile App

The new MyTCA Mobile App was created as a seamless and efficient platform for customers to quickly and easily manage their cleans on-the-go. This new application increases accessibility and customization and allows for a more user-friendly experience. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Using the MyTCA app, customers can do the following and more:

  • Track the team assigned to their clean
  • Be notified on the status of their clean
  • View the details of an upcoming clean
  • Request scheduling changes to their clean
  • Request a room be added or removed
  • Tip Professional Housecleaners
  • Provide feedback on the clean

The Cleaning Authority Dry Vapor Cleaning & Sanitizing

Premium Service for Additional Revenue

The Cleaning Authority’s service is founded on our Detail-Clean Rotation System, which creates a way for professional cleaners to provide detail cleans to four different zones around the house. However, the demand for additional services continued to grow. Due to demand, The Cleaning Authority now offers dry vapor cleaning as a premium add-on.

Our dry vapor cleaning service is backed by a full menu of marketing materials to help you promote the service, as well as a full training program for your employees to learn how to use the machinery. Together, The Cleaning Authority provides you with everything you need to develop additional revenue on top of your regular service offerings.

How Dry Vapor Cleaning Works

Dry vapor machines shoot water vapor at high temperature and pressure, which scrubs deep within surfaces without any chemicals or detergent. The treatment works on both soft and hard surfaces, porous and non-porous. Due to low moisture levels, it also doesn’t leave behind wet or damp spots, which is why it’s called “dry vapor.” Because it solely uses water, dry vapor cleaning is sustainable and safe without compromising effectiveness.

Helps Kill Viruses & Germs to Provide Peace of Mind to Your Clients

The high temperature of dry vapor breaks up dirt, tears away at grease, and kills microorganisms of all kinds. At the same time, the vapor itself is non-destructive and gentle on household materials.

Dry vapor can be used on:

  • Upholstery of all kinds
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Living room furniture (e.g., sofas, chairs, pillows)
  • Mattresses, headboards, and comforters
  • Kitchen appliances (e.g., fridges, stoves, vents)
  • Bathroom tile, grout, porcelain, and fiberglass
  • Vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, and concrete flooring
  • Painted walls, paneling, and wallpaper

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