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Just wanted to let you know that Daisy and Madeline cleaned my house better than it has ever been cleaned ! Everything looks great. You can tell they take pride in their work.
The team you sent this past Tuesday to care for our home. Amy and Pam. They were particular about how they cared for our things and you could tell that the attention to details was the best our home had looked yet. It's really in the small details that a person can make a difference. My little girl even noticed and she is 8!! She said "mama. I gonna try real hard to keep my room the way they did it!" Her Lego were carefully moved and arranged. My sons bible was laid on his bed by his pillow instead of leaving on the floor as past weeks. Our blankets were folded with care and they left us a sweet note that said " happy holidays to the Davis family ". As a normal everyday family who works hard and watch where our budget goes. I can tell you that it made us feel good and happy they left our house with a little something extra. Please share this with Pam and Amy. Let them know that we appreciate the hard work they do each day to provide for their own families and that Tuesday I came home to a nice home because of them. Please if you can keep them coming back. We love them !!
Your staff did a good job today. It took them about 3 hours, which was less than the estimate. We'd like to set up a monthly cleaning schedule with you!
Hi, Barry. Just wanted to let you know that your ladies did an excellent job! I was very pleased with the cleaning. Thanks so much!
We were definitely pleased with the cleaning!
I just arrived home and found everything in top shape due to this team that was here they reflected they care when taking care of detail today. Thank you and look forward to next time!
My son's room is the one that only needs to be cleaned upon request (but thanks for doing it yesterday!). I am very happy with your services!
Just wanted to let you know that the ladies did a GREAT job yesterday. My master bath looks exceptional. Even our neighbor commented on how nice the house looked. Thanks!
I just wanted to let you know that the ladies did a great job today. The house looks better and better each time it's cleaned.
Sorry I am just now getting a chance to compliment the team. Megan, Gracie, and Katie did such a fantastic job! They are also all lovely and sweet ladies. Thanks so much, Barry. You and your company are truly a blessing to us.