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Very pleased with the clean. They did a good job. I even referred the company to a friend!
Your staff is always wonderful, I so appreciate the hard work that they do. Thank them all.
Rose and Joe did a superb job with the clean of my house. I have been recommending the Cleaning Authority services and products. My house always smells fresh.
I was very impressed. Team was very personable. Nice. They did a great job! This is the 3rd cleaning company I have had and this one outweighs the others by far. I am very happy.
I am not always here to tell my cleaners how pleased I am with their work but your service is one of the best choices I've made in years. Dana has been a regular and dependable. Thank you - GREAT JOB!
Everyone is great. Cleaning crews are hardworking and friendly. Do a great job. Would recommend this service to anyone.
It is a pleasure to see the friendly faces of your employees. I have never had an issue since I signed on with TCA. Thank you for helping me keep my home clean and fresh.
Very nice ladies. They really did a good job. Nothing was overlooked. Did the little things that even I would do.
Very pleased with the clean! It was worth every penny spent on the clean. The girls were very nice and professional. Like the quality of the clean. Glad I picked your company.
Team did a really good job. Excellent.
They did a great job. They were very nice and polite. Happy that all the cobwebs are gone.
Very happy! Would love to have them back.
We just had our first cleaning. The team did an excellent job. Our home looks great!
The team was WONDERFUL. They went above and beyond with how they clean. They are very nice and do a great job.
Helen and Sam were fabulous! Clean was very good. Requesting them for each clean.
Girls did a wonderful job! Everything looks great! Beautiful! Very pleased. The girls were professional and nice.
Jason called after this One Time Cleanout following the HVAC repair. The team was tasked with fully wiping down all surfaces, walls, etc. He called to say "I could tell as soon as I walked in! You did a fantastic job. I even ran my finger along things and everything was so clean." Thanks, we really appreciate your quick response to our request as well as the quality of the work being done.
Happy with the team. They are prompt, personable, efficient, and thorough. The house looks great when they're done. And my dog likes them, which is a major plus.
We were very satisfied with the service we received in cleaning our home.
Mare cleaned this week all by herself and she was FANTASTIC. Kudos to a job well done. I appreciate everything she did. Generally, the team does a good job, but today with Mare solo, she was fantastic.
Team did a great job! Very thorough. Would like the same team back.
Very, very happy with the team! They did an excellent job! Even my husband said what a difference!
Clean was very good! Perfect!
The clean was great. I came home early and was able to meet Sam and Kara. They are really nice girls.
Team did a perfect job. There wasn't a streak in any mirror. It was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!
The first clean was pretty good. Wood floors looked great. Dusting was great. They even lifted things up to dust under and then arranged them nicely.
Girls did a great job! They were very accommodating. Great job! Very trustworthy. They were really understanding of my needs. Rose was very understanding. I am very happy.
The team did a fantastic job! they were very respectful, pleasant. They cleaned areas and things that haven't been cleaned in years. I am extremely happy.
Sam & Kara were amazing! They did a lovely job & I look forward to their next visit! I'm so glad my sister-in-law gave me your brochure. Thank you.
Everything's been fine. Girls are a delight. Very happy.
Very good cleaning. The girls were very nice! Everything was so shiny including the range!
Clean was great! Everything looked beautiful. The team did an excellent job. Very happy!
Joe & Linda did a lovely job cleaning my home.
Everything looks great. I don't want anyone to use the kitchen or the bathrooms. Great job. Very friendly.
Forgot that my home was being cleaned yesterday. When I opened the front door I literally sighed with happiness at having a clean house. The team did a great job.
I really liked my team. Please put them on my preferred list. We are not picky but they are terrific.
Awesome cleaning!
Everything was wonderful! So pleased. House looks great. Can't wait until next month.
Excellent! Place looks great!
Everything went great. Loved coming home to a clean house.
I am pleased with the job done by Team 7. I am hoping they become my regular team!
Everything is great. Rose and Rosie are fantastic.
I totally trust Joe and Lorraine which speaks volumes. Their work is precise and professional. The best actually in years having cleaning services in my home. I just can't say enough.
Very pleased with the team that cleaned my home today. They were very pleasant, cleaned well, very thorough.
Quality of the clean has been EXCELLENT!
Did a great job. Very pleased with the team. I hope they continue to be my team. Very friendly and thorough.
Bathrooms were excellent. Pleased with everything. Best company I have ever had.
Everything was great! Really liked the people who came to clean. They were awesome.
VERY pleased with the work of this team. Very happy with the work they did, especially the details like putting C fold towels in the holder, floors, and their professionalism. Thank you!
Things went well, women were very nice, friendly, and polite. They did a great job. I'm anxious for the 2nd clean.
Best cleaning service ever! Best cleaners ever! They were wonderful! Totally impressed! They went the extra mile.
Everything looked wonderful. It was great to come back from a week away to a clean house! Thanks so much!
Excellent job! Ladies work way beyond expectations. BRAVO!
It was so good coming home to a totally clean home. Thanks to the girls!
All was very good. Prompt, professional, polite, and above all did a super job!
Everything went very well. Very happy. My husband is very picky but said that the clean was great.
Girls were excellent! Amanda runs a great crew!
Everything is perfect. The girls did a great job! We are very happy that we chose to go the route of hiring a cleaning company and happy that we chose TCA.
Love the ladies. Everything is good. My son said "they really know how to clean."
What a lovely job they did. Extra nice and very polite. Can't ask for more than that!
This is the best decision I ever made!
Very happy with the girls. They were great!
Everything was super. The girls were very friendly.
The team did a great job. I like the way the floors came out.
The girls are awesome!
Team did a fantastic job. Would like them to come to our home for all cleanings, please!
The beach house looks great - they did an excellent job.
All was very good. Prompt, professional, polite. And above all did a super job.
Everything went well. Girls were very efficient and most pleasant. Looking forward to the next clean.
Angela and Shirley do a great job and are very thorough with their job and they are great employees.
The team last week did an especially good job.
The girls did excellent today. They were very professional. I am happy to have them back to clean.
The two of them are super duper duper.
Customer was very happy with the clean and would like to request Team 8 (Mare and Autumn) as her cleaners.
The team did a nice job ... pleasant and efficient...thank you.
I love the way Amy cleans my bathroom.
The house looks great. The girls were great.
Customer wants to commend the team that was at her house. They were very happy with the service. She would love to have that team again.
Thanks for all you do. Great job with the weekly clean Team 2.
Both are very efficient and very friendly. Happy to have them in my home!
I was very happy with the cleaning people. Thanks you. Great job.
Very happy with the clean. Everything looked great.
I love my team/time and want to keep them. Great. Thank you so much for this. I truly appreciate the girls and the time spot.
No problems! Will continue to use your company in the future.
We LOVE Autumn and Mare!
What would I do without you? Shirley & Angela are my third arm. They do a terrific job.
It is a pleasure to share with The Cleaning Authority management our appreciation for the high quality of service from the team of Samantha and Amy. We hope that they will continue to be assigned to us.
I would like very much to keep the crew that cleaned my house today, 4/7/2016. They're EXCELLENT!
Thank you for all of your help. You two do a fantastic job and I really do appreciate your work.
Bev called after she got home and wanted to let me know that Sam and Lisa did a wonderful, wonderful job. Everything was so shiny and sparkled. IT was SO nice to come home to. Thank you.
They were amazing! I have never been so pleased! I am requesting Joe and Amyh for every clean!
Thank you so much. Beautiful job as always.
Thanks for making my life easier so I can focus on my children when I am not at work.
Customer called and said that her home was fantastic. She said her husband witnessed tasks that were never done before, but were today. She said they are very much pleased and that here husband was singing all night long! Great job guys!
I would particularly like to comment on how pleased I am with my cleaning team, Susan and Karen. They do the best job and I have requested that they continue to keep my house in their rotation. They also don't mind my dogs.
Great initial clean. Bathrooms and kitchen looked great. Team was early, which was much appreciated.
Amy and Joe are an awesome team, my house looks and smells so clean. I give them beyond A plus!
Lisa and Sam were absolutely AWESOME! They did a great job of getting my home shiny and clean. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.
Please don't split up my team, the animals are just getting used to them. We have enjoyed their work ethic and their warm but professional personalities. We trust them in our home and that is very important to us. Thank you for the great service.
Hiring The Cleaning Authority was the best decision I ever made. I absolutely love the work being done, and I have high standards. Everyone has been great.
Keep on sending Lisa. She does a great job. Very satisfied.
The place looked great after the one time only clean. The team worked so hard all day. I'm excited to get started with every 4 week cleanings.
We really liked Linsey and Ashley. We really want them to return for our cleans moving forward.
Sam and her partner did a wonderful job. We only want them to clean. Great job ladies!!
The girls were awesome, as usual!
.... said that after the first clean the house looked amazing. The girls do a fantastic job, they are pleased with the significant changes in their home.
Lillian called to state that the team did an outstanding job yesterday.
Lisa and Amy are a great team and the past 2 cleanings have been exceptional. They work very hard and are not satisfied until the cleaning is as good as they can possibly do - whatever it takes. They represent you well and I would not hesitate to recommend your company
Thank You for all the great work this past year! Justin and I are Extremely Happy with the level of Service you provide. I would Highly recommend your company's services based on your level of expertise and professionalism
Ashley and Lindsey on Team 9 are amazing. I want to have Ashley and Lindsey for all future cleans.
The community center is looking better than it ever has due to Lisa's work.
Thanks for the amazing work you did on our house.
The girls are awesome. My first consideration is TRUST. I feel I can leave the house while the girls clean with no worries. They are personable and becoming one of the family.
Thank you so much for taking good care and thoroughness as you clean my home. For the first time in a very long time I am quite happy with the service provided.
Thank you for the Christmas card. I wanted to let you know that your crew did an excellent job today and the last time as well. Thank you and I appreciate your service. Happy Holidays to your company.
:Lorraine and Heather do a fabulous job. They are thorough and very responsive if I have a comment or request. I would prefer they come to our home whenever possible.
I am delighted with your philosophy in cleaning with safe and effective products. Lorraine and Heather are an excellent pair of your team. I look forward to them coming. They are always willing to listen to any special needs I might have when they come here.
Always a great job!!
Lisa and Josh are friendly, efficient, and are comfortable with the wary, barking, but friendly dogs who I keep sometimes. I am very happy with the service that I am receiving.
We have been fortunate to have the teams of the Cleaning Authority take care of our home for almost two years now. We are very pleased with the quality of the work, the way the team is always on time, the ability of Kristine to accommodate many changes we have had to make because of personal situations, the sense of security when they are in our home when we're not there, and the compassion shown by all members of your company due to the recent loss our family has undergone. In a few words, Keep Doing What You're Doing!!
Josh and Nisa are a great team, the house looked terrific and smelled so clean. We appreciated Josh locking our door and letting us know when the job was completed so we could alarm the home. Thanks again, we love your work. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!! I must say Joe is EXCELLENT ALSO!!!! Great crew.
I just wanted to let you know that Lorraine, Kate, and Angela did a terrific job today. Everything looks terrific, and they were very good about asking questions regarding cleaning products, or requests. It was very nice to be dealing with such a professional group of people.
Choosing The Cleaning Authority was one of the best decisions I've ever made. For 30 years I had a housekeeper who cost me twice as much and did half as much work. My team is always punctual, professional, swift, and thorough. It leaves me free to fill my time with things that I want to do, rather than cleaning my house. Five stars!
Lisa and Heather are wonderful, everything is spotless and smells so good. They treat my home with lots of TLC and respect. I have never met these wonderful women, but I certainly love them!!! I recommend your company to all my family and friends
Susan and Cindy both did a wondrful job and were very professional, courteous and prompt. Highly reccomend them and your service, Thanks!
Lisa and Heather are doing a wonderful job! Their attention to detail and friendly personalities make us feel like family!
Love to come home to a clean house on my scheduled cleaning day. Thanks!
What a great job Susan and Cindy did. I want to request them every clean. They just kept working. They wouldn't even take a cup of coffee.
Another day of housekeeping very well done. I couldn't be more pleased.
Lisa and Heather were the girls who came this time and were the same girls who came last time. We are very pleased with the job they do. They get right to work and work diligently without stopping until the job is done and keep their mind on their job. We are very happy with these two girls and the job they do in the period of time it takes them. They came at 11:35 a.m. and left by 3:10 p.m. This is a big house and is a big job to do in several hours. Hooray for Lisa and Heather !!!! Keep them coming to us. Thank You.
Your team does a beautiful job, there is nothing like coming home to a sparkling house sorry about the key problem, but thanks for handling it so well
Lisa and Heather are a pleasure to have cleaning my home. So happy I went with this company - they are the best team ever! Above and beyond.
Lisa and Heather did a great job this week on house cleaning. They went above and beyond due to the pollen that came in the windows. They even sang to my husband!! Great job!
Lisa and Heather did our house today and I must say that they did an excellent job! Not only with the cleaning, but with their customer service. Due to a problem with our key not working properly, our alarm was unintentionally activated. They responded in a very professional manner, did not leave the premises until the situation was rectified, contacted me immediately, I gave her the code and the situation was resolved. My wife and I are grateful to Lisa and Heather for not only being fine workers, but being so very responsible with us and our home. Our thanks to them and to your company.
Lisa and Heather are a great team. They work quickly, professionally, and thoroughly to make my entire house sparkle! What a great relief to have these two take care of my home, so I can relax and not worry about it.
The team that cleaned my house did a great job and I would like to request that they be the team that continues to do my housekeeping.
Joe and Josh did a great job! Joe knows my home and goes beyond to make sure we are satisfied! Missed Kelly who was terrific too. Josh did a great job as well. I think highly of Joe's professionalism! A Plus!!!
Kelly and Joe just finished cleaning our home, not only do we have a 8 month old but we also have a golden retriever shedding her winter coat. Dust, fur and sticky everything feel like our day to day. It is such a wonderful feeling to step into a clean home and just relax. My husband and I look forward to The Cleaning Authority coming and feel so much less stressed knowing that everything is taken care of and cleaned thoroughly. Thanks for doing such an awesome job!
The staff are friendly yet professional. They work quickly, efficiently, and clean my entire house in record time. I love the way it looks when they are finished.
After receiving your brochure twice, I decided to give it a try. Best decision I ever made. The house was spotless. The crew were pleasant. No complaints.
Team 1 did an AMAZING job with 4/17 clean. Very impressed.
Joe and Kelly are a terrific team! They leave no stone unturned. I could go on and on about how I never see any dust upon leaving my home. Thank you!
The team of Shirley & Geena out of Hammonton are awesome ! Very professional and thorough , Thanks girls!
I love Josh and Matthew! They did a fantastic job today. I feel like my kitchen floor received the cleaning it deserved. And my couches look fantastic. Please keep up the good work and send them back! Thanks.
Need to take a minute to tell you what a fantastic job your cleaning crew did for us yesterday. Everything was spotless. Please tell them how much we appreciate their hard work.
Kelly and Joe just left, they did a great job. Really good job. I wish I could have them again.
Terrific! The teams are great and work well together! My favorite is the Joe team! A plus!
Joe and Lisa were excellent today and I commend them and look forward to seeing them next month.
Chris and Joe did a fantastic job and I hope to continue a life long relationship with this great company! Both were professional and took great pride. I'm making recommendations to my friends! Thank you soooo much!
Both of your workers who came out to clean my home on 1-12-15 did a great job and were very polite! This was the first time I met this team, and I'd be happy to have them return!
The Cleaning Authority cleaned my office last week. The names of the cleaners were Shirley and Geena. I want you to know that they did a fabulous job. No more cobwebs, the carpets look great, the bathrooms are spotless. What a pleasure, and relief, to have this work done. Thank you very much.
I am really digging this cleaning. I like these two guys! They are so fast and thorough. I am "thrilled stupid". That guy even took the trash out and I really appreciate that as I can not walk very far.
Just wanted to say that Joe and Geena did such a great job on my house yesterday! I'm so happy with them and so glad they will be my regular cleaners! Have a great day!
I used another local service for 2 or 3 years. I was satisfied with the job they did, but always felt that they were over charging me. When they sent me a letter saying they were raising their price even more, I gave up on them. A few months later I came across The Cleaning Authority, and I wish I had found them in the first place. I've had three (once a month) cleanings from them so far and I'm more than pleased with their service. It is very thorough. I'm getting more done at a 30% discount compared to what I was previously paying.
We have had very little experience with having anyone come in to do our cleaning. Our only attempt to have this done was unreliable and unsatisfactory. I got a brochure in the mail and decided that maybe now was the time to get some help. We are getting older, but the house is not getting smaller. My husband, who has always been a big help around the house, has some health issues. What used to be routine is now more difficult. We started at every other month, went immediately to once a month, and have decided to go every other week now. We have been very pleased, not only with the cleaning process itself, but with the care given to our possessions. The staff are professional, courteous, and efficient. Little things that we have never done on a regular basis are now being done and done well. I can't believe we have waited so long. The Cleaning Authority has been a great move for us... just can't believe it took so long to do this.
This wonderful company was a life saver! So tired of people that claim to clean, charging way too much, and I have to clean after they clean. Glad to find a trustworthy company that does an excellent job and is pleasant to have around. No more gossip and wasting time. They come in and do their job and that's it. I don't have to entertain them and listen to their gossip. An excellent experience and the owners are accommodating when things come up and I have to rearrange my time or day. Life is full of twists and turns and they have no problem helping you out. Very pleased with the work they do and the workers are pleasant and enjoy their work. I am so happy to have found this company to care for my house and keep it clean, just the way I like it. Thank you for everything!
I am very pleased with Linda. And thank you sending Laurie to take Vilma's place. She is excellent and she and Linda make a great team. Thank you also for sending an inspector to ensure that all was going well. I totally appreciate the care and concern that everyone in your company shows for my house. Looking forward to my next cleaning.
Linda has been cleaning both my houses for the last 6 months or so. She is very nice and is very kind to my old dog. He is always happy to see her. She always has a smile and a nice greeting whenever I see her. Everyone at The Cleaning Authority - Hammonton, is courteous and helpful. You have a very satisfied customer.
I just started with The Cleaning Authority of Hammonton and am really happy. Starting with Jeff, who visited my home initially, and Christine, the account support person, the level of friendliness and professionalism is beyond reproach. The technicians, Susan and Cindy, leave my house clean and return everything to it's place. I just love coming home and my house is clean. This leaves me time to do all the other projects in the house and the motivation to do them. Thank you Cleaning Authority for giving me this part of my busy life back. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially if you think you don't need it.
These girls (Lorie & Krista) were EXCELLENT!! Lorie was on her hands and knees getting every dog hair. I don't even want to let my dog back in the house now. It HAS to be them coming back every time! Thank you.
So nice to have a service thoroughly clean our home; taking care of the little things as well.
Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did two weeks ago. My bathroom has never been so clean. Even the window sills were dusted. Thank you so much.
Susan and Cindy did a great job. I want them back!!
Thank you so much! Susan and Cindy were really sweet ladies. Nice job today. I appreciate all of your efforts. They were very nice.
I don't know what you use on mirrors but, I was ready to change my bedroom mirror but you cleaned it so well..... cleaning is just what I always wanted!
My team is Linda and Vilma and they are super!! They did an exceptional job on cleaning my home for the first time. They truly care, both about the job they're doing and making sure I'm comfortable with everything they do. And, they are kind, considerate, and truly delightful!! Thank you so much for letting them be my team!!
Thanks for a great clean!!
WOW! The cleaning team did an outstanding job. I just can't believe how clean our place is - the first time in a very, very long time! What makes the whole experience even better is that both of the cleaners were friendly, professional and polite. I look forward to the next visit.
Linda and Donna did an excellent job cleaning my house. They arrived on time as scheduled, we discussed what would be cleaned on that day, and they left the house in perfect order - what a great service!
Girls do such a great job...thank you so much to Kristine as well!!!
Chris, Megan and Christine: Thanks for taking good care of our house! I left the music on for you so it is not quiet in here.
A great big thank you for a job well done. It has made such a difference for us. Thank you also to Kristine for all of her dedicated work in the office. She has great communication skills and is always so kind in communicating with me.
Sure does feel good to come back home to a clean house! All of your hard work is so appreciated!
Both cleaners were very courteous and polite when they entered my home and introduced themselves. They worked steadily for two hours and did a thorough cleaning of the first floor of my home, which was much appreciated!
Great job for my first initial clean!! Loved coming home to a clean house :)
I had a particularly bad sink stained with polyurethane. I thought it would never come out. There was a new girl with the team and she managed to get most of it out! I was really impressed.
We continue to be very satisfied with your staff and our cleaning. We appreciate all that they do. Looking forward to the next visit!
Thanks again for a great job! Your twice a month visits have really helped us! Thanks also for always communicating with me and returning my messages so promptly. The whole process of having you has been so professional.
Can't thank you enough for helping us out with our cleaning! It makes such a difference for us! The whole experience has been very professional.
Fantastic job. My kitchen looked like it was never used. All looked brand new. I am very happy.
Thanks again for the GREAT job cleaning our house! We will continue to look forward to your visits!
It is always so nice to come home to a clean house. Since I work long hours, it was not always possible for me to do it myself. Thank you for taking that task off of my hands and giving me a house that is a pleasure to live in.
We really appreciate all the hard work to help us with our cleaning. What a difference having Christine and Nadine! Thank you so much!
I love coming home on cleaning days. The staff always does a great job!
Fantastic first time visit!! Can't wait for the next one!! Wish we had called sooner!!
Kristine & Megan were great! Kristine-my daughter LOVES how you made her bed and she has been making every day just like you did, I love it! The girls were very sweet and very pleasant. They did a great job!
It's always nice to come home to a clean house and The Cleaning Authority never fails me. Great job!
The team of Josh and Nihal worked diligently to make my home cleaner than it's been for a long while. They are both friendly, efficient and professional. I will be happy to recommend them and your company to any of my friends who might need home cleaning service.
My house looks beautiful!!! Thank you for all of your hard work.
Both of us thought they did a great job... Please convey to your team that we are pleased.
The kitchen and baths looked very good. Thank the girls for me. If you need a reference you can use my email, I would have no problem referring you.