About Our Louisville Maid Service

Our business is providing the best possible residential cleaning service options to homeowners in Louisville and the surrounding areas. However, we also see our responsibility on a much larger scale. We believe in using only green cleaning services and products to actually commit to making the earth a better place with every clean.

Benefit from Green House Cleaning

We only use environmentally responsible and sustainable cleaning products as well as housecleaning chemicals. This means that these products have been approved by an independent, non-profit organization to be free from harmful and toxic chemicals and compounds. This not only protects our customers but it also protects the air, water, and soil in our local community. We think this is an important responsibility and it is part of all the professional cleaning services we offer.

Deep House Cleaning

When we provide Louisville home cleaning services to a new client, our first task is to provide deep cleaning for your entire house. This process occurs in two visits, deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom on the first visit and the rest of the home on the next visit. This maid cleaning service is truly one of a kind, getting your house off to the clean start.

After the initial cleaning service, we will then implement our Detail-Clean Rotation System. This allows us to clean specific areas of the house based on a set schedule. This ensures that all cleaning service tasks are completed when needed to keep your house in top shape. We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about our maid service and our green cleaning techniques. We are also happy to provide a free estimate for your home!

Just give us a call at 502.337.3518 and we can get started.