Organize Your Garage like a Pro

Has your garage been taken over by tools, seasonal decorations, and toys? If the answer is yes… then it’s probably time to work on getting your garage space cleaned up and organized.

With the warm weather coming back, it’s the perfect time to spend a few hours in working on your garage. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite garage organization products to help you out!

Multi Color Organizer Kids Box

While this organizer can go inside too, we think it’s the perfect item to store your kids’ outdoor toys in the garage. With three style options—orange, yellow, and blue with polka dots; pink and green with polka dots; or Corvette themed—you can pick the style that best fits your kids. This organizer has two larger bins on the bottom and smaller ones up top to fit multiple sizes of toys. Plus, the bins are easily removable, so you can take a whole bin out to the backyard for playtime, and clean-up will be easy.

Sports Storage Organizer

Whether you have one kid who plays four sports, three kids who play one sport each, or any other combination, this organizer will hold all of the equipment they need. The top shelf will perfectly hold basketballs, soccer balls, or volleyballs. Two smaller baskets under that will be perfect for baseballs, softballs, gloves, and any other smaller protective gear needed. Finally, the bottom large bins will fit lacrosse sticks, baseball and softball bats, and any larger protective gear they need to wear.

IRIS® Wing Lid Storage Box with Ornament Divider in Red

When it comes to holiday decorations, you can’t be too cautious. Many of these items may have been passed down from a family member or hold some other sentimental value. We recommend storing your items in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes that could be easily affected by water. This storage box features dividers to help you pack up your smaller, breakable items like ornaments, figurines, or glassware.

Kobalt 1000 Series 6-Drawer Ball-Bearing Steel Tool Cabinet

Not only does this tool cabinet have multiple drawers in multiple sizes to store your tools, but there is also a butcher block worktop right on top for you to work on projects. What a space saver! The cabinet can be locked with a single key to keep your tools secure. Plus, there is a small pegboard on each side for you to hang the tools you need the quickest access to.

Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

When it comes to storing things like your snow shovel, rake, broom, and other similar items, it may seem like propping them up in the corner is the best place to keep them. That is, until you need the item that is behind everything else. Instead, use this tool tower, which holds up to 40 larger tools in an easy to see and access way. Each season, you can switch out which tools are in the front clip section and which ones are in back so that tools you need that season are easily accessible.

WallPeg Garage Pegboard Kit

Running out of room on the ground in your garage? No problem! You can easily store your garden tools on a pegboard. This pegboard kit comes with its own peg hooks, which you can use to easily hold your small shovels, clippers, watering cans, and even hats. You can also use the pegboard to easily install shelves to put your extra pots, or put a small robe line and clothespins to store your gloves.

Once you have your garage in tip-top shape, you’ll be ready to spend more time outside rather than inside cleaning. Leave the work to the professionals instead. Visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.