Our Review: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Part 1

Our Review: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Part 1

At The Cleaning Authority, there are few things we love more than a clean and organized home. So, when Netflix released Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, we could not wait to binge it!

Don’t have time to watch it all, but want to get some key tips from the show? We’ve put together a two part series of our review on the popular show. So, check out our highlights and additional tips below!


Marie helps Rachel and Kevin Friend as they try to balance keeping the house in order while raising their two toddlers.


Wendy and Ron Akiyama are empty nesters in a home that has seen three generations of their family.

  • Holiday decorations were everywhere in Wendy’s home. Check out our tips to ensure your seasonal items are organized and stored properly.
  • With a few cats hanging around, we think the Akiyama family could benefit from our tips on keeping a clean home with pets.
  • The Akiyama family had A LOT of clutter in their home that accumulated over three generations. Adapting habits to avoid clutter early on would have helped.


The Mersiers, a family of four, are overcome with clutter when they move from a bigger home into a smaller one.

  • “The Fantastic Four” don’t have the most fantastic kitchen. Check out our tips on organizing your kitchen.
  • This episode features a family with two kids who just can’t keep their room organized and clean. These tips may have come in handy before things got too out of control.
  • The mother in the family truly feels the stress of not being able to keep up in her home to keep it clean. Check out why a house cleaning service can be the perfect gift for Mom.
  • While looking through the linen closet, the family does use bins to organize, which is great. But they certainly could use more tips to best organize their linen closet.
  • Marie also lends some insight into how chores and cleaning are divvyed up in her own home. We’ve created a list of age appropriate chores to help you put your kids to work!


Margie is living alone in the home her and her husband Rick raised their family in, but after Rick’s recent death, she is having a hard time to get rid of his things.

  • One of Margie’s goals for the next year is to simplify her life. We love this idea! While it may be shorter than a whole year, check out our to-do list to simplify your life in one week.
  • After clearing out space, Margie dreams of having a craft room. We’ve got plenty of tips for her to organize her craft room and craft supplies!
  • When it comes to cleaning up a deceased love one’s items, don’t forget to check and see what items can be donated that you may not have thought of. Margie brought quite the haul to a local thrift store!

This should be a great start to get your home organized and clean! Be sure to come back next month when we review the second half of the season! Once you’ve Marie Kondo’d your house, you’ll want to bring even more joy into your home, and we’re here to help with that! Visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.

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