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Keep a Spotless Home with Our Residential Cleaning Services

It is virtually impossible to keep a spotless home without help. Or, you may achieve that clean perfection—at a cost to your personal time, time with family, or time spent on your career. There's a better way. Whether you live alone, are a stay-at-home parent, have pets, or work full- time, taking advantage of The Cleaning Authority's professional house cleaning services may be just what you need to maintain a clean home.

Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning by Trained Professionals

The last thing you want is for your house cleaning team to use products that aren't safe for your environment, family, and pets. At The Cleaning Authority, we use environmentally friendly supplies that get the job done right. You don't have to worry about coming home to a house that smells like commercial cleaning

People choose our home cleaning services because:

  • We're reliable and on time
  • We have the right supplies to clean any surface
  • We focus on your complete satisfaction—every single time we clean
  • Our Detail-Clean Rotation System ensures every part of your home is immaculate
  • We can customize our house cleaning services to your needs
  • We can come weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as often/rarely as you want

The greatest advantage of having The Cleaning Authority to clean and sanitize your home? You don't have to do it. You can relax and spend more time on your career or your family while we take care of all the cleaning for you. Plus, you'll know the job will be done right.

House Cleaning FAQ

What Does a Standard House Cleaning Involve?

A basic house cleaning addresses all areas of your home. This includes your bathrooms, kitchen, sleeping areas, and living areas. Special spaces like offices, home gyms, and playrooms are also included. All surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized. All floors will be vacuumed. Tile, hardwood, vinyl, and/or laminate flooring will be cleaned with the appropriate substances and supplies. All surfaces will be dusted. Appliances will be wiped down and cleaned. Doors and doorways will be spot cleaned. With a standard house cleaning by The Cleaning Authority, your home will feel cleaner than ever. Find our more about our Detail-Clean Rotation System.

Is a House Cleaning Service Worth It?

You are the only person that can decide whether a house cleaning service is worth the money. Most people today just don't have the time to clean their own homes, on top of their responsibilities at work, as parents, and even to set aside time for themselves. You will have to decide whether you want to pay someone else to do the cleaning for you while you focus your time and attention elsewhere. In addition to giving you more time, a professional house cleaning service can bring you peace of mind because you know nothing will be overlooked and that your home will be properly cleaned and sanitized.

Do Your House Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies?

At The Cleaning Authority, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We will bring these to your home when we clean. If you have other supplies that you'd prefer to provide, however, we can use these. Some of our locations even offer the option of providing products listed on the EPA's Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus. Proper cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent the spread and protect yourself and your family.

How Often Should My Home Be Professionally Cleaned?

We typically recommend weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, but it's your choice. You should think about how often you want your home cleaned and then figure out a schedule that works for you. We offer house cleanings as frequently or as infrequently as you want, and you can change your schedule as needed. Some people choose to have our cleaners come every week, every other week, every three weeks, monthly, or quarterly. Some choose to take advantage of a one-time clean, a move-in or move-out clean, or even a la carte services for individual items or rooms that need special attention. We'll be happy to work with you to see what's best.

What Should I Pay for a Residential Cleaning Service?

The cost of residential cleaning services will depend on where you live, how big your house is, how often you want it cleaned, and more. Because there are so many factors to consider, we offer free estimates. Our house cleaning experts can talk to you about what you need, walk through your house, and tell you what it will cost depending on the frequency and type of cleaning. Our prices are hard to beat, and our service is impeccable.

What to Expect with Our Home Cleaning Services

The Cleaning Authority's home cleaning services are second to none. We've developed a system that our trained professionals use to achieve an ideal clean every time—and we've completed over 20 million cleans! You can trust our experts to leave your home squeaky clean and sanitized.

The Cleaning Authority begins your cleaning service by getting your home "Detail-Clean" on the first two cleans:

  • Your Initial Clean A is a Detail-Clean of your kitchen and bathrooms as well as a thorough cleaning of your living and sleeping areas.
  • Your Initial Clean B is a Detail-Clean of your living and sleeping areas and a thorough cleaning of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Of course, if you'd like your whole house deep cleaned on our first visit, we'll be happy to arrange this. Your needs are our top priority. For future cleanings, we'll rotate through your house, performing detail-cleans in particular rooms while thoroughly cleaning the rest of your home. This process leads to unmatched cleanliness.

Call for a Free House Cleaning & Sanitizing Estimate!

If you're interested in finding out what it will cost for a house cleaning team at The Cleaning Authority to keep your home spotless and sanitized, give us a call. We offer free estimates to help you get started.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

    Our cleaning crews are professionally trained, and if you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.

  • Immediate, Accurate Online Quotes

    We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.

  • We Are Fully Bonded and Insured

    At The Cleaning Authority, we are fully bonded and insured, meaning you can have peace of mind when we enter your home.

  • Our Passion for the Environment

    We as a company are committed to using cleaning products that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and safe for the Earth.

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