Professional Housekeeping Services

Our Housekeepers Ensure Every Corner of Your Home Is Clean

Take back hours of your life with professional housekeeping. The Cleaning Authority offers housekeeping services on a weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, or on-demand basis to keep your residence or property neat, tidy, and attractive. When your time is precious, let a professional handle the chores taking up your to-do list.

Our cleaning services are perfect for:

  • Primary residences
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties
  • Condos
  • Airbnbs
  • Apartments

Our professional housekeepers utilize a specially designed method we call the Detail-Clean Rotation System to ensure every corner of your home gets a detailed cleaning. The first clean includes a detailed cleaning of your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as a thorough cleaning of your living and sleeping areas. On the second visit, we alternate: we detail clean all living and sleeping areas, and then clean the kitchen and bathrooms.

No matter what, our rotation of housekeeping duties ensures every inch of your home will not only be cleaned and organized but will be deep cleaned by a professional housekeeper.

Green Housekeeping for Sustainability & Health

The Cleaning Authority uses only environmentally responsible or sustainable cleaning materials. While they're no less effective than more industrial varieties, our green cleaning methods contribute toward a more sustainable future and a cleaner Earth.

Our green products include products that bear the ECOLOGO®, a seal only given to products and services that are certified for reduced environmental impact. We also use products with the EPA Safer Choice label, which means every ingredient in those products has been reviewed by the EPA to meet the strict Safer Choice Standard. These products have safer chemical agents without sacrificing quality or performance.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your home is a sacred space, where you and your loved ones live and sleep. Your home also contains your most valuable possessions, both in terms of cost and emotional value. When you invite a housekeeper from The Cleaning Authority into your home, we give your space the respect and attention it deserves.

That's why all our housekeeping services are provided by experts who are highly trained and thoroughly screened. Every one of us is also bonded and insured, with liability and workers compensation coverage. Our commitment to client peace of mind is what has made us the safest, most trustworthy house cleaning service in the nation.

Our Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Housekeeping isn't just about tidiness. It's about regular home maintenance for a better quality of life. Regular professional cleaning takes care of your furniture, helps your appliances work more efficiently, and makes sure your carpet lasts longer. Whatever you need, our professional housekeeping service is equipped to provide.

It's hard to overstate how regular housekeeping can improve your quality of life. For one, professional housekeepers can provide you extra hours of precious personal time every week. Instead of filling up your to-do list with tedious tasks, you can focus on what really matters. For another, professional cleaning (especially how we do it) can give your home new life. Carpets will look more vibrant, furniture will smell fresher, and once-stale parts of your home will feel brand-new.

Housekeeping FAQ

What Are the Two Types of Housekeeping?

There are two types of professional housekeeping: institutional and domestic. Institutional housekeeping applies to commercial lodgings and short-term residential spaces, like hotels, resorts, and inns. Domestic housekeeping applies to permanent residences like houses or apartments. With the rise of Airbnbs, the line between them has been slightly blurred. At The Cleaning Authority, our housekeeping service provides cleaning for both institutional/commercial clients and domestic clients. As a result, our clients receive the thorough cleaning, tools, and skills you'd expect from a highly trained housekeeper for large commercial spaces.

What's the Difference Between a Housecleaner & a Maid?

A maid typically does a little bit of housekeeping, like sweeping, dusting, and other light cleaning duties. Maids might also help with kitchen work, like meal preparation. It's typically a minimum-wage position. A housekeeper is a more demanding and high-skill position. A housekeeper (or house cleaner) does heavy-duty cleaning, like scrubbing and scraping toilets and tile, removing buildup in floorboards and bathrooms, window cleaning, and upholstery maintenance. While entry-level maids can make spaces look a little nicer, professional housekeepers actually keep your home sanitized and healthy.

Does Housekeeping Help with COVID-19?

The members of your household likely bring in more germs and vectors of disease than they realize: on their shoes, backpacks, purses, sweaters. Once they come home, those infectious agents can transfer to other surfaces in the home. While no home can remain completely germ-free for long, thoroughly cleaning your home's surfaces on a regular basis is part of helping keep everyone healthy. Professional housekeeping also helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, dust, and other inhalants that might cause respiratory issues. While these are not directly related to the effects of COVID-19, there's value in minimizing respiratory risks in the home—especially in high-traffic areas like the bathroom.

Call The Cleaning Authority for Housekeeping Services

You're about to learn firsthand how professional housekeeping is the easiest way to improve your life, open up your schedule, and take back control of your life. With our help, your home will be neater, smell fresher, and look newer than ever before. All that's left is to get a free estimate with our team. A free estimate lets you create a custom service ideally suited to your needs and schedule. Once we have a list of all your chores, we'll schedule a team of our screened, insured, and highly trained housekeepers to clean your house and free up your time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

    Our cleaning crews are professionally trained, and if you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.

  • Immediate, Accurate Online Quotes

    We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.

  • We Are Fully Bonded and Insured

    At The Cleaning Authority, we are fully bonded and insured, meaning you can have peace of mind when we enter your home.

  • Our Passion for the Environment

    We as a company are committed to using cleaning products that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and safe for the Earth.

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