Cleaning for Flu Prevention

How to Disinfect Your House & Fight Flu Germs

We all know the basics to prevent the flu: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, stay home if you’re sick, avoid sick people…yet germs still find a way into our lives and our homes. Stop germs dead in their tracks! Take a look at our flu prevention tips to more effectively disinfect your home, help stop the spread of germs, and keep your family happy and healthy this flu season.

Flu Prevention: Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

You wouldn’t walk around a public bathroom in bare feet, so remember when you come home the shoes you are wearing bear the germs from every surface you walked that day. Keep the flu-carrying germs at bay by leaving your shoes at the door. If you have little ones with shoes that lace, either spray them with disinfectant or wash them frequently. You’d be surprised where those laces have been dragged!

Flu Prevention: Disinfect Light Switches & Doorknobs

Disinfect Light Switches & Doorknobs

Everyone touches them, multiple times every day. Use disinfectant wipes as part of your house cleaning routine and include a wipe down of your light switches and doorknobs (inside and outside the house!) to minimize the spread of germs and help prevent getting sick.

Flu Prevention: Don't Place Backpacks or Handbags On Counters

Be Mindful of Handbags & Backpacks

Women – you can relate: You’re out at the movies or a restaurant with friends, you go to the restroom, squeeze into the narrow bathroom stall, close the door, and lo and behold, “NO HOOK!” You cringe as you are left with no choice but to set your purse on the bathroom floor. Although this is an extreme example, it happens. Think about the different places you set your purse (or where your kids set their backpacks) before coming into the house. Have those same bags ever ended up on the kitchen table or the kitchen countertop?

Be mindful of the many different places your bags travel and frequently clean your handbag and kids’ backpacks using a cleaner safe for the bag’s material. Also, designate a place for bags to be left (like in a storage bench or closet by the front door) to prevent them from ending up on a table or countertop. This can help keep germs they’ve picked up from spreading throughout your home.

Flu Prevention: Clean Electronics

Consistently Clean Frequently Used Electronics

TV remotes easily pick up germs because they are so commonly handled by various members of the family. Think back to how many times you’ve enjoyed a salty snack like chips or popcorn while watching your favorite show. You can easily contract the flu or another virus as your hands go to the remote, to your snack, to your mouth. Use cleaning wipes that are safe for electronics to clean your TV remotes, and don’t forget about disinfecting the smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and mice in the house as well.

Flu Prevention: Consistent House Cleaning

A Little Cleaning Goes a Long Way, Especially in Flu Season

The kitchen sink can foster more bacteria than your home’s toilets. However, the toilet, showers, floors, and other surface areas are certainly not to be ignored. If there was ever a good time to hire a house cleaning company, it is during flu season. Having a consistent and thorough cleaning team dusting and cleaning away all the germs and bacteria is one of the best ways to prevent illness. By choosing quality home cleaning services, your whole house can be completely cleaned in a few hours instead of spending half your day slaving away.

Implement these cleaning tips in and around your home to prevent getting the flu or cold this flu season. Your healthy family will appreciate it. For quality cleaning services with satisfaction guaranteed, be sure to request an estimate with The Cleaning Authority today.