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  • “The cleaning crew is always exceptional, the cleaners are very thorough and do an amazing job.”
    - Larazo S.
  • “I have had them clean our home for several years. ALWAYS been satisfied. They only negative for me is that I would like to have the same people every time. Other that that they have all been terrific. Always on time and very thorough.”
    - Patricia Rivera
  • “I have been using this service for almost 3 years. They are true professionals that know what they are doing, they add different tasks to the regular cleaning every time they clean my home to maintain my home properly. They are very nice, specially with my cats.”
    - Marilyn
  • “Thank you Cleaning Authority of South Miami! Sandra and Maribel are wonderful and very hard working.”
    - Rosa B.
  • “The cleaners did an amazing job. I have never had my house so clean.”
    - Darcy M
  • “The cleaners did an amazing job. I have never had my house so clean.”
    - Darcy M.
  • “I wish you had a category that was higher than "very satisfied." I am absolutely delighted with The Cleaning Authority, South-Miami! I like the special attention to certain areas of the apartment, based on the rotation schedule. The (mostly) women who come out are just wonderful! Not only do they do a much better job than I've ever been able to do, but they do it very efficiently. They are friendly, efficient, and tactful; they have never expressed disapproval of my mediocre talents in housework. I look forward to their monthly visit.”
    - Linda
  • “The Clean Authority is brilliant. They have all the tools and know how to use them. The crews are well paid and happy to come to work. They arrive on time, punch in via phone and are working in 5 mins! They always send one team member who has cleaned the house previously. I do not know what they do to my kitchen sink, but it literally SPARKLES for the next 48 hours!”
    - Matthew H
  • “I have had biweekly cleanings for several months now and I have been completely satisfied. The ladies are very professional and work hard the entire time they are here. Almost every time the same team is here so they know my house and even my dog. If I'm working in my home office, they do a wonderful job of moving things on the desk and cleaning the surface beneath. They are very thorough and work around whatever I'm doing. It's been a very pleasant surprise, as I have used other services in the past and was not pleased. In addition, Gisela and Fiorella have been extremely responsive to any questions or requests I have.”
    - Chris S.