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    • What is the Detail-Clean Rotation System?

      With the Detail-Clean Rotation System, we begin with two fully detailed initial cleans. Then, we continue with a careful system that divides your home into four zones and rotates which is deep cleaned. Additionally, our Professional House Cleaning Checklist is used to make sure our customers get a thorough clean every time and that nothing is missed.

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    • Benefits of Green Cleaning

      At The Cleaning Authority, we believe in providing the best service possible to our customers so that their homes can be the clean, comfortable background to the rest of their lives. That is why we feel it is important to use products that are the safest for you, your pets, and the environment.

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    • Garbage Disposal Tricks of the Trade

      If you have one, your garbage disposal might be the unsung hero of your kitchen. You only notice it when it’s not working, when it smells, or when it’s making an awful noise. The garbage disposal does a lot of heavy lifting, and you might unintentionally be shortening its lifespan! We talked with our friends at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and they shared these tricks of the trade with us.

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    • How to Clean School Supplies

      Parents everywhere rejoice: It’s back to school time! Whether you’re buying your kids new supplies or pulling last year’s out of storage, it’ll make the year go smoother if you know how to properly clean your kid’s supplies throughout the year. Check out these tips to keep your children’s school supplies clean all school year!

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    • Our 5 Favorite Products for Organized Tupperware

      Keeping Tupperware organized can be one of the hardest things to do in the kitchen. We want to help you to get yours in better order. Check out these products that will help you achieve the Tupperware shelf or cabinet of your dream!

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    • Win Free Cleans Winner: Jill R. from West Chester, PA

      In its efforts to continuously give back to the local communities that give so much support, The Cleaning Authority is proud to help individuals save a little time and cash by holding giveaway contests for free cleaning services. Congratulations to Jill R. in West Chester, PA for recently winning a full year of house cleaning, free of cost.

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