Your Guide to Self-Improvement

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” – Max Depree

Continuously working toward self-improvement is critical, whether you are 22 or 72. As we strive to be the best that we can for both ourselves and for those around us, we have the opportunity to make a difference.

  • Journal. Journaling can help keep a clear mind and help develop your ideas and goals. Writing down your thoughts can also be a healthy outlet for stress, anger, and anxiety. What are you feeling, and why do you think that is? How can I channel these feelings into something positive?
  • Push yourself to try new things. Taking risks is an important part of growth. How will you know if you never try? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to learn, not only about the world around you, but about yourself as well. You might be surprised by the outcome!
  • Keep a healthy diet. A healthy body = a healthy mind. It’s important to fuel your body and mind with nutritious foods and plenty of water.
  • Learn something new every day. Whether it’s reading a new non-fiction book, listening to a podcast, or watching a documentary, lifelong learning is incredibly valuable. The world around us is constantly changing, and there is so much to discover. Find something you’re interested in – professionally or personally – and run with it!
  • Decrease phone time. Taking a break from the screen can help your sleep, focus, and overall mood. Use the “Screen Time” feature on your smartphone to track the time you are spending and direct that time to more productive activities, such as reading, spending time with loved ones, or being active.
  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness. Each morning, think of three things you are grateful for. Reminding yourself of things you are grateful for, no matter how big or how small, can help you be more mindful of the decisions you are making. Practicing gratitude on a regular basis can also improve your mental health, your relationships, and your self-esteem.

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