5 Ways to Reduce Dust Buildup in Your Home

At-home Dust Prevention 

You can take steps to reduce daily dust buildup in your home. Although you’ll never be able to eliminate dust, these five tips will help you get closer to a dust-free home.

How to Keep Your House Dust-free

Regular cleaning is key to dust prevention. These five routines, which you can adopt immediately, will help you prevent future dust buildup:

1. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

When dirt, hair, and other debris build up on your floors, they look dingy and can become home to an ecosystem of dust bunnies. As you and your family move around, this debris gets kicked up and floats around, landing on and clinging to other surfaces. Vacuuming regularly can nip this right in the bud.

2. Change Your HVAC Air Filter Every Three Months—or Sooner

Dust in your HVAC system will continue cycling through your home with an underperforming filter. Filters need to be replaced regularly. For a 1 or 2" filter, you can expect healthy function for up to three months. For best results, check the recommendation on the filter packaging when you buy it. If you have pets, live in a dustier area, or it’s the drier season of the year, you’ll probably need to inspect and replace your filter more often to keep dust at bay.

3. Use Doormats and Rugs

Using doormats and rugs at all the entrances to your home is another good measure to reduce dirt coming into your home attached to shoes and paws. If you’re about to take your shoes off, kick any dirt into a mat or rug. You’ll also want to ensure you wipe your pet’s paws when they come inside. You can also adopt a “no shoes” rule, as shoes track dirt through your home, which can cause dust.

4. Bathe and Clean Pets Regularly

Outdoor pets, especially dogs, pick up pollen and dirt and track it in the house. Wiping their paws when they come in is one significant step, but you’ll also want to bathe your dog regularly or take them for grooming. Even though you probably don’t bathe your cat as often, you should still take some measures to keep them clean. Brush your cat regularly to reduce the spread of dander and hair.

Even if you don’t allow your pets on furniture, any time they shake, roll on your floor, or play inside, they can spread dirt and dead skin that will lead to dust. Regular bathing or grooming will remove the things that lead to dust and help prevent buildup in your home.

5. Dust your Bookshelves

Dusting bookshelves is particularly complicated due to the various sizes and shapes of books. Bookshelves also often collect papers and items for display that cling to dust in the air. If you’re looking for dust-free bookshelves, follow these steps:

  • Start by organizing your bookshelves: The less clutter on your bookshelves, the less dust you’ll see.
  • Dust Your bookshelves thoroughly: Before preventing future dust, you’ll want to remove all the current dust. The best way to dust bookshelves is to use a soft cloth or a brush, like a paint or pastry brush, to remove dust from the books themselves and then wipe the shelves.
  • Keep windows closed: Open windows allow debris to float in and cling to your bookshelves. You can also look into a barrister bookcase with glass doors to display your books while protecting them from dust particles.

The Best Way to Prevent Dust? Contact The Cleaning Authority

Introducing new habits to your lifestyle (like those above) might make a big difference for your home when it comes to dust. But if you don’t always have time to battle dust on your own, The Cleaning Authority is ready to help. Request a free estimate online or call 888-658-0659¬†today!