Eight Places You Probably Forgot to Clean in the Kitchen

The typical kitchen to-do list may include common chores such as wiping down the counters, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and mopping the floors. But if your list does not include disinfecting the dish sponge, cleaning out Rocky’s food bowl, or wiping down your refrigerator drawers, you may be forgetting a few key chores. Check out the common items you may be forgetting to clean (and how to clean them!)

  1. Dishwasher
    1. Place a dishwasher-safe bowl or mug with one cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run a normal cycle without any detergent or dishes.
  2. Garbage can
    1. If your kitchen has a foul smell, taking the trash out may not solve your problem. Trashcans can harbor odors, liquids, and residue from your trash. While the can is empty, mix two cups of vinegar, one tablespoon of dish soap, and water into a spray bottle and spray both the interior and exterior of the can. For any caked-on food, you may need to use a scrub brush. Rinse the trash can and wipe it down to dry. Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom approximately once a week to deodorize.
  3. Inside of Your Refrigerator
    1. Remove all shelves, drawers, and racks and soak them in the sink with hot water and soap. While they are soaking, mix two tablespoons of baking soda and hot water, and wipe down the inside of the fridge. Rinse off the shelves, drawers, and racks, dry with a clean towel, and return to the refrigerator.
    2. If cleaning the fridge doesn’t seem like a fun activity, let us do it for you! Select offices offer professional refrigerator cleaning as an add-on service – call 888.658.0659 to find out if there is a participating office near you!
  4. Inside of Your Cabinets
    1. First, remove everything from the cabinets. If necessary, vacuum the cabinets out with a handheld vacuum. Mix warm water and soap, dip a dry cloth into the solution and wipe down the interior. Once complete, use another dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  5. Kitchen sponges
    1. Soak your sponge in water, squeeze out excess moisture, and cook it in the microwave for one minute. Make sure you keep an eye on it so it does not burn. Each week give it extra TLC by throwing it in the dishwasher on the top rack on the heated dry setting.
  1. Coffee Maker
    1. Fill your coffee maker with ½ cup water and ½ vinegar and run through half of a normal drip cycle, pausing it to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Once complete, rinse the reservoir with soap and hot water. Run two more cycles with just water, allowing it to filter through the system. Add a few drops of baking soda in the last cycle – if it fizzles there is still lingering vinegar. Wash out the inside of the reservoir once more and wipe down the exterior with a cloth.
  2. Pet Bowls
    1. Your pet’s food and water bowls can either be washed via hand or in the dishwasher. If you choose to handwash, use soap and hot water, rinse thoroughly, and allow them to air dry. If you opt for the dishwasher, place it in the dishwasher and treat it just like your human bowls. It is important to wash your bowls daily to remove any remaining food, as it can retain bacteria and germs harmful to your pet.

If this has you thinking about the other pet materials you could be cleaning, check out our Guide to Cleaning Pet Supplies here.

  1. Cutlery Tray
    1. You clean your silverware every time you use it, but how often are you cleaning the tray where you store your silverware? Every other week, remove all silverware and empty the debris into the trash can. Wash it in the sink with soap and warm water or throw it in the dishwasher if dishwasher safe. Suck up any additional crumbs with a handheld vacuum.

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