Five Gifts for New Homeowners

Spring is a hot time for the real estate market, and it’s likely that you know someone on the move!

In 2020, approximately 5.64 million of existing homes were sold in the United States, and that number is expected to rise to 6.44 million in 2021.

Help celebrate your special someone’s momentous occasion with a practical yet thoughtful gift that any new homeowner would love (and use!) regardless of home size, location or set up!

Check out these items you should consider purchasing for your next housewarming party:

  1. Essentials Tool Kit: Standard housewarming gifts such as a bottle of wine or plant are lovely gifts, but aren’t very useful when you’re halfway through putting together a new piece of furniture, only to realize you don’t have the tools necessary to complete. Think one step ahead of the new homeowner with an essentials tool kit that they will be able to use for many projects to come!
  1. Cookbook (and Cookbook Holder): During the move-in process, a new homeowner is probably too busy unpacking boxes to cook. After a few days of ordering take out, help them break in their new kitchen with a cookbook full of fun, new recipes! For an extra touch, get a cookbook or tablet holder so the chef of the house can easily prop their book up to follow the recipe over dinner.
  1. Throw Blanket: Help the new homeowner’s living space feel warm and cozy with a throw blanket to cuddle up with over a good book or movie! Choose a pattern that fits the homeowner’s décor theme so that the blanket can double for warmth or style.
  1. Customized Guestbook: Purchasing a new home is a huge milestone, and something that should be celebrated far after the boxes are unpacked. Order a customized guestbook that guests can leave well wishes or tokens of advice as they navigate their new adventure.
  1. Gift Certificate to The Cleaning Authority: The new homeowner is probably exhausted after days of unpacking boxes, setting up each room, and ultimately getting settled into their new home. Take a huge task off their to-do list with a gift certificate to The Cleaning Authority. We offer move-in cleaning that ensures every nook and cranny is taken care of after your big move.

Peace of mind starts with a clean home, and The Cleaning Authority is here for all of your cleaning needs! To receive a free online estimate, visit or call (888) 658-0659!