Age Appropriate Chores for Children

Getting your kids to do chores can be challenging, especially in the middle of the summer. However, allocating certain tasks on a regular basis can teach them good habits from a young age.

Chores not only help you out, but teach your kids crucial household tasks so that they can be more independent and better prepared for life after home.

Use this list of age appropriate chores to help assign specific tasks and make sure they are doing their part!

Ages 3-4:

Assist in making bed – Helping to make their own bed gives children a stake in the tidiness of their own space.

Pick up toys – Cleaning up their toys and books when playtime is over teaches children to pick up after themselves.

Put dirty clothes in hamper – Learning to immediately put dirty clothes in the hamper at a young age will create lifelong good habits.

Ages 5-6:

Set the table – Setting the table is a task that helps children practice neatness, presentation, and etiquette.

Make bed – It’s a small job, but starting their day off accomplishing a chore can set the tone for the whole day. Check out these other values of making the bed every day.

Put laundry away – Learning to put away the laundry can help kids to begin understanding the value of organization.

Ages 7-9:

Take trash and recycling out – Taking out the trash and/or recycling can show your child the importance of being a conscientious citizen, especially when it comes to wastefulness.  

Load/unload the dishwasher – Cleaning up after not only themselves, but the whole family, is something that will help them realize all that you do for them.

Clear the table – Cleaning up after others at dinner lets your children practice proper etiquette and manners, especially when hosting.

Ages 10-12:

Wash dishes – Washing the dishes lets your kids practice paying attention to detail. No one wants to eat from a dish with food residue on it, no matter how small.

Help prepare food – Having them help you prepare lunch or dinner can make sure they know how to make at least a few simple meals.

Vacuum/sweep – Vacuuming and/or sweeping the floors lets your kids practice diligence. The floors are the largest and perhaps dirtiest surface in any home, and it is important not to skimp out on them.

Ages 13+:

Wash & fold laundry – Taking care of their own laundry will show your child that he/she can be independent. If they want to wear a certain shirt that is dirty, they’ll need to plan ahead of time.

Yardwork/mow lawn – Physical yardwork and/or mowing the lawn can teach them that hard work pays off. It allows them to get outside and stay active as well as making your yard look neat and tidy.

Clean the bathroom – Assigning them to cleaning the bathroom emphasizes keeping good hygiene. If there is less of a mess to begin with, it will make it easier for them to clean.

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