Caring for Your Flag

The American flag is a representation of our country. It should at all times be in good condition so that it is a fitting emblem of our country. The U.S. Flag Code was developed in the late 1800s to establish rules for the respectful treatment of the flag.

As citizens, we fly it proudly on holidays such as Memorial Day and Flag Day. This year, consider these tips as you prepare your flag for use.

  • Do use a flag of suitable outdoor fabric if flying outside.
  • Do not use a flag pole with rust as the rust will transfer to the flag.
  • Do wash your flag regularly to maintain its color and remove dirt and pollution. Wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not machine dry, air-dry only.
  • Do not fly a wet flag; take it down in inclement weather.
  • Do not store a flag wet as it will cause mold to form. Air-dry the flag before storing it.
  • Do not use your flag if it has frays, tears, or the color is faded. It is time to retire your flag. Old or worn flags can be retired through organizations such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

The Official Guide to Government Information and Services offers additional information about the American flag and how to display it.

The Cleaning Authority would like to thank all who fought and died in service to our country. Contact us today to help get your home ready for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.