Easy Tips to Clean Your Grill

It’s summer and the grill is doing a lot of heavy lifting! Whether you are using yours daily or only occasionally, consider these tips for cleaning your gas grill.

  • Ensure the gas is turned off and that the grill is cool to the touch before you start cleaning. You may also wish to wear gloves if your hands are sensitive to grease.
  • Remove the grates. Place them in soapy hot water to soak. Liquid dishwashing detergent is fine for this.
  • Using a wire brush, scrub the underside of the grill hood and the inside walls of the grill. The “yuck” you are removing is a buildup of carbon from grease and smoke produced when grilling.
  • Finish up with a damp cloth.
  • Remove the grease collection tray or drip pan. If it is disposable, throw it away. If not, empty it over a trash can. Put it in the warm soapy water solution to soak.
  • Remove your grates from the water. Scrape them with the wire brush. Rinse well and replace.
  • Remove the drip pan from the water if you have one. Scrape with the wire brush, rinse and replace. If you have a disposable drip pan, put in a new one now.
  • Clean out the cabinet where the propane tank sits. Debris can build up here over winter months.
  • Wipe down the exterior with a window cleaner or stainless steel cleaner, depending on what material your grill is made of.

For easier upkeep of your clean grill, scrape the warm grates every time you finish grilling. Empty, or change, your drip pan frequently to avoid grease fires. Now that your grill is clean, why not have your home deep cleaned as well? Let The Cleaning Authority clean your home from top to bottom. Contact us today.