Spring Cleaning for Your Sandbox

Sandboxes are a right of passage in the world of kids' toys. While they can be fun and stimulating, they can also be full of unwanted dirt and germs. To get started, empty the sandbox of all contents, including sand, toys, and other mysterious items you may not wish to name. Throw away the sand and put the toys aside. Wash down the sandbox structure with your garden hose and soapy water. Let it dry completely in the sun.

Before you reassemble the sandbox contents, let’s take a look at the toys that came out. Inspect them to be sure there are no broken or rough edges that can cut little hands. Wipe them down with a disinfectant to remove germs. Use a plastic bin with a lid to store toys that will be used in the sandbox. This makes them easier to coral for the next play session. It is a good rule not to leave toys in the sandbox when it is not being used.

Now you are ready to refill the box with sand. Start fresh and be sure to use play-grade sand. Sand should be changed at least two times a year if the sandbox sees heavy use. As you add the sand, filter it to ensure that there are no surprises.

Keep the following tips in mind to maintain your clean sandbox:

1. Keep your sand fresh by removing debris through raking after each play session.

2. Cover the sandbox when not in use. Make sure the cover is tight so as not to blow off but allows for airflow so as not to grow mold. A waterproof cover will keep the sand dry. If the sand does get wet, allow drying completely in the sun before covering again.

3. Perform a routine check of toys weekly to make sure there are no broken items. Remove any toys that are not being used.

4. Have those using the sandbox wash their hands before and after play.

Now that your sandbox is clean and organized, let The Cleaning Authority help you on the inside of your home. Contact us today to find out how you can get peace of mind in your home through a deep, thorough clean.