What You Need To Keep Your Car Clean

Car-Cleaning Tips

There’s already more than enough chaos in traffic. You shouldn’t feel stressed by just sitting in your car. Like a clean home, a clean vehicle helps you feel focused, relaxed, and in control during your commute. Plus, you wouldn’t live in a dirty home; you probably don’t want to drive a dirty car.

Check out our tips for keeping your car clean.

How Often Should You Clean Your Car?

It would be fine if you washed the outside of your car every few weeks. However, cleaning your car’s interior daily or close to it would be best. That way, you’ll avoid having to invest long periods into deep cleanings, and you’ll get to enjoy a clean, comfortable interior every day of the week.

Try adding these ideas to your car-care routine to keep your daily cleanings minimal.

How to Keep the Interior of Your Car Clean 

Here are five car-cleaning hacks you can put into use immediately.

1.  Keep a Small Garbage Bag or a Reusable Bag Handy

We’ve all gone through a drive-thru late at night. (Don’t worry, we don’t judge). You eat the tacos or burger and then crumple up the wrapper— where it will live under your passenger seat for … weeks, right?

The solution: Keep small, 4-gallon trash bags in the car (or reuse shopping bags) to dispose of food wrappers and other litter. Remove and replace the bag weekly as necessary or after each road trip.

Especially when kids are involved, things like toys, books, and electronics are often left in the car. Letting them sit there is easy, especially when your hands are full of other things. The solution: A handy reusable canvas or vinyl bag to bring these things back into your home and declutter your car. Use it to quickly gather errant pens, rubber bands, hair brushes, socks, hair ties, homework pages, gloves, and hats—parents, you know what we’re talking about.

2. Keep Disinfecting or Baby Wipes Handy

A sticky car is a dirty car. Having a container of baby wipes or disinfecting wipes in your car for quick cleanups is a difference-maker.

Wipes come in tubes or small dispensers stored in cup holders, door pockets, and glove boxes. In addition to cleaning up spills and crumbs, many wipes have a pleasant scent that will keep your car smelling fresh.

3. Upgrade to After-market Floormats

Factory-standard floor mats aren’t designed to accommodate busy families or meet the demands placed on work vehicles. Upgrading to after-market floor mats can have a couple of benefits:

  • Easier cleaning—rubber mats can be removed and sprayed off with hoses. They also won’t stain the same way as a carpet floor mat.
  • Better retention—after-market floor mats usually have higher walls than factory ones. This helps keep the dirt, mud, sand, and snow on your shoes or boots from getting onto the carpet.

4. Keep an Odor-Eliminating Spray Handy

Sadly, most air fresheners add another scent to your car, giving you pine mixed with French fry instead of the clean smell you want. Keep a bottle of an odor-eliminating spray in your vehicle for easy access. Spraying it directly into the upholstery and carpets will quickly neutralize odors. Odor-eliminating sprays work differently than air fresheners by working to eliminate the odor at the source. You’ll still need to clean up any messes causing bad smells.

5. Create and Enforce Car Cleanliness Rules

Even if you drive alone, it’s not a bad idea to have car rules. Think, “If you brought it into the car, you take it out.” The more you encourage and enforce cleanliness habits, the more likely you’ll keep your car clean. Here are a few other car rules to consider:

  • Only drink water in your car since spills of other drinks cause sticky stains and smell.
  • Take something out every time you leave the car; this can come in wrappers, food, or even coats and gloves you’ve left behind.
  • Stomp out shoes and boots before getting in; the more dirt you get off you, the less dirt you’ll have to clean up later.

The best way to select car rules is to start with common problems that you have and then create rules that solve them.

What Should I Put in a DIY Car-interior Detailing Kit?

Another great hack is to make a detailing kit to keep in your glove box or center console. When you have disinfecting wipes, a microfiber duster, and a selection of tiny brushes together in one place, it’s easy to quickly clean hard-to-reach areas that love to collect dirt and crumbs—and you can tackle dirt and grime with daily car cleaning before it becomes an issue.

Cleanliness Isn’t an Event, It’s a Process, and We Can Help

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a messy car or house—remember, small changes can make a big difference! These tips aren’t exhaustive, but they’re a great place to start.

Consider adding a regular house cleaning service to your routine. We’ll take the stress of cleaning out of your week and give you valuable time back in your day. Get a free estimate online or call (888) 658-0659 to get started.