Organize your Craft Supplies with 20 Clever Tips

You know what they say… a messy desk can encourage creativity. No wonder our craft areas are always so messy!

Whether you believe the mess helps your brain come up with ideas or not, you also know how frustrating it is when you can’t find the scissors, color marker you need, or that fabric you swear you saw ten minutes ago! We want to help you keep your craft supplies nice and tidy so you can get to work and not waste time searching for missing items. Check out our 20 tips to organize your supplies.

  1. Purchase a peg board, and hang your tools from it. This will be provide a way to keep your most needed and used items right out in the open, but placed in a clean way.
  1. Use salt and pepper shakers to store glitter.
  2. Store paint in a drawer and be sure to paint a small dot on the top of each lid so you can quickly scan the colors.
  3. Gluing a magnet to the bottom of a small dish will create an easy and safe way to store pushpins or needles.
  4. Label everything! Every basket and drawer should have a label so you know what is where. Use fun colors or chalkboard stickers to add some fun!
  5. If you have a large craft room, get a 3-tier rolling cart and store the items you move around the most in it.
  6. Use a sugar shaker to store ribbon or twine, with the end coming out the top.
  7. Need more space? An over the door show organizer can be used to hold the supplies you just can’t find room for.
  8. Hammer nails at a slight upward angle into a wood board. Then, you can easily place a spool of thread onto each nail.
  9. When determining placement, put supplies you use together close to each other to make everything easier.
  10. Use binder clips on tubes of paint to fold the end as more paint is used.
  11. You never know when small paper scraps could come in handy. Store them in a magazine holder.
  12. Use clear storage items when you can. It’ll make it easier to know what is inside.
  13. Use a Lazy Susan on your desktop with your pens, scissors, and other supplies you use the most.
  14. Store your small paint bottles in a spice rack.
  15. A toothbrush holder can double as a way to hold scissors or other tools.
  16. Use a pillbox to store small pieces like beads or buttons.
  17. Keep your embroidery floss from tangling by wrapping it around a clothespin, pinning the end of the line.
  18. You can create an easy way to store fabric by cutting file folders down the middle (so that each one becomes a standalone piece of paper) and draping the fabric over top of each file sheet.
  19. Use a plastic basket with holes to store your ribbon. You can thread the ends through each hole for easy access.

Once your craft room is tidy, you’ll want your whole home to be too! Visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.