2019 Recipients

2019 The Cleaning Authority CARES Recipients

Lillian Evans

Lillian EvansLillian is the daughter of Rebecca Greer at The Cleaning Authority of Spring. She hopes to use this scholarship to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Sam Houston State University. To her professors, Lillian is known as an outstanding student with great attention to detail and ability to guide the group with her insights. Lillian’s dream is to end up in the world of real estate, and to leverage her education in this very competitive field.

Itzel Garcia

Itzel GarciaItzel is the daughter of Laura Razo at The Cleaning Authority of Salt Lake City. She is currently studying at the University of Utah. Itzel has only a few semesters left to go. What is remarkable is that she is working two jobs on top of maintaining her grades, paying for school out of pocket and has no debt. This scholarship will help keep her focus on her education and not stress over finances. Being the first generation in her family to go to college and having this opportunity to reach for her dreams means a lot to her family. One day, Itzel hopes go into Human Rights Law and becoming a Forensic Linguist to break the communication barriers in the prison system.

Vanessa Limon, a 2019 scholarship winner, wears a floral dress with a blue graduation gown and cap.

Vanessa Limon Vanessa is the daughter of Maria Garza at The Cleaning Authority of San Antonio. She is the first person in her family to attend college, and she is determined to use that opportunity to set a good example for others in her family, including her young niece. She believes that it doesn’t matter who you are, “education widens our mind and advances our mental capability”. Vanessa has seen the struggles of immigrants first hand in having to become accustomed to a new language and a new life. This scholarship will be helping Vanessa get one step closer to her Bachelor’s in Education from Texas A&M University in San Antonio, which she hopes to use to give back to her community by becoming a certified bilingual education.

Manuel Gutierrez Manuel is the son of Ana Gutierrez at The Cleaning Authority of Minneapolis. He is a first-generation immigrant currently working two jobs to pay for his education at Minneapolis Community and Technical College out of pocket. Manuel has a deep appreciation for the opportunities a higher education could provide for him and his family. This scholarship will be going towards his dream of furthering his education in media and web design so that one day he can open his own design company and give other underprivileged kids the same opportunity he was given.

Gabriela EscalanteGabriela is the daughter of Maria Escalante at The Cleaning Authority of Spring. Gabriela is the first individual in her family to go to college. She wants to set an example for her younger relatives that anything is possible so long as you put your mind to it, and have the passion to pursue it all the way through. Gabriela is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice. She currently is studying at Houston Community College, and plans on transferring to Houston State University after her sophomore year.

Tabitha FlannaganTabatha is the wonderful Manager over at The Cleaning Authority of Lakeland. She joined in 2017 as a cleaner, and quickly moved up the ranks from a Quality Manager a few months after she joined a Manager as of March 2018. She is working on her last class for her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, and has plans on pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Tabatha wants to use her education to help support her family and be a role model for her son who is in kindergarten and show him that with persistence and courage, anything is possible.

Bryanna SchulteBryanna is the hard working daughter of Muranda Schulte at The Cleaning Authority of Dayton. She has a STNA and is currently working as a nursing assistant - which has been a great experience, but wants to use this scholarship to help her achieve her dream of becoming a registered nurse from Sinclair Community College. This has been a lifelong dream from Bryanna. She wants to be able to help people that need medical attention.

Ivana HernandezIvana is the daughter of Barbara Torres at The Cleaning Authority of Henderson. She is ambitious and driven. She wants to leverage her education to shape a better future for her family - in particular her nieces and nephews who look up to her. She was raised in a country where education was not accessible, so being a recipient of the TCA CARES Scholarship means a lot. Being in the United States for under 5 years, having to become proficient in English, and experiencing many obstacles has never gotten in the way of Ivana. She graduated top of her class as a valedictorian, and founded the Student Organization of Latinos on her University of Las Vegas campus to help students like herself who need a support group. Ivana hopes to use this to further her dreams of one day becoming a neurosurgeon.

Rilie BarnesRilie is the bubbly and friendly daughter of Jolie Fisher at The Cleaning Authority of Gladstone. This scholarship will help her to achieve her ambitions of having a career in dental hygiene over at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. She is not only enrolled as a full time student, but Rilie is also working two jobs. The TCA CARES Scholarship will help her with her academic goals.

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