5 Cleaning Tips for Summerfield Pet Owners

Owning pets is fun, but is also a lot of work. Depending on the type of pet you have, and the breed, you may have to clean extra fur, hairballs, and not to mention, the occasional bathroom accident. Until your pets know their designated bathroom areas, you will have to deal with cleaning your home or apartment. Nonetheless, cleaning after your pets needs to happen on a consistent basis, or your living space will turn into a nightmare. In this article, we will discuss cleaning tips, regardless of where you live.‚Äč

Tip #1: Get to Grooming

Cleaning tip number one for your pets is to groom them on a regular basis. Just like humans, our pets need to be groomed. Grooming your pets not only keeps them looking good, but it keeps your home clear of shedding, too.

Tip #2: Purchase a Placemat

Babies have bibs, and your pets have placemats! Purchase and put a placemat under their water and food bowls. This second tip will make it easy for you to clean, by simply throwing the mat in the washer, instead of having to mop your whole floor.

Tip #3: Trim Those Nails

Tip number three is to protect floors that you don't want being scratched. Some apartments are very strict on their linoleum floors or carpet, so make sure to trim your pets' nails and protect these surfaces.

Tip #4: Chose Furniture Wisely

Tip number four is for your furniture. If you have white dogs, don't purchase black sofas. Look for furniture that can be cleaned easily, and will resist any scratches from your pets. On the label, it should say high-grade or tightly woven.

Tip #5: Don't Wait!

The fifth cleaning tip is to get rid of stains as soon as they are spotted. If you let them linger, they will be impossible to remove later on. On that note, try to keep your pets clean, too, especially their paws.

Our Summerfield cleaners want you to utilize these cleaning tips to keep your living space as clean as possible. By nature, pets are unclean, unless we play our part as their owners and keep them groomed, bathed, and protect the surfaces they may walk on. If you follow these tips, your home or apartment will remain clean, and you will remain happily satisfied.

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