Fighting Germs Around the Home

A Clean Home is a Healthy Family

Winter is coming up quickly and we all know what that means: germs. Yes, that dreaded five letter word that seems so much more prevalent in winter months. For years the question has been asked, why do viruses spread so much faster in winter than in summer?

There are different theories as to why germs seem to spread faster in winter months.

  1. Most of us are stuck indoors in tight quarters.
  2. The lack of sunlight makes a person lose vitamin D, an important vitamin to our immune system.
  3. People touch surfaces, then another touches the same surface, and another and another, until it spreads.

Then everyone brings that home. They touch cabinets, open drawers, pet their dogs or cats, use the television remote, and the germs continue to spread. Cold and Influenza or worse, the dreaded stomach bug, begins to spread from person to person. People miss work, children miss school.

There are a few important steps to protecting yourself and your family's health.

  1. Wash your hands. Do not touch food, or your face unless the digits are clean.
  2. Take your vitamins. Vitamin D is an important immune booster we lose with the lack of sun.
  3. If your child is ill, do not send them to school. Not only can they infect other children, but with their immunity low, they can be at risk for other secondary infections. Wait 24 hours after the last serious symptom.

Most importantly, maintain a clean house. It is so important to keep a clean living environment to slow the spread of germs. Not to mention the benefits for those with allergies, asthma, or other breathing or immunity compromising issues. Daily spot cleaning and weekly dusting is fine, but there are nooks and crannies that we just can't seem to reach or maybe wouldn't think of cleaning.

That's why a company like The Cleaning Authority or Greensboro is so important. We truly believe in eco-friendly cleaning with environmentally friendly products to help preserve health and environmental quality. Our team works to catch the germs you miss and help increase the quality of the air you breathe in your home to reduce the risk of spreading illnesses, or breathing in contaminants that may be unhealthy for a person with a respiratory disease or compromised immunity.

Our Greensboro cleaning experts are trained, bonded and insured to make ensure that the cleanliness of your home and the protection of the environment is top priority. We have won the Mark of Excellence award in customer service and truly care about contributing to a clean house / apartment and healthy family life.

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