Keeping Your Home Clean for the Holidays

The holidays are a perfect time of year to entertain. Our homes become cheerful gathering places, especially as the weather turns cold and stormy. There is nothing better than to have guests drop in for eggnog and sugar cookies, rights? But with work, school and everything in between, how can we keep our home clean during the holiday season? With a little preparation and organization, we can show you how to manage your winter wonderland.

The Big Scrub

Hiring a professional cleaning company saves us time and gives us a great starting point for keeping our home pristine. We know that professional cleaners give special attention to areas that we may miss or ignore, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Mind Your Feet

With wet weather approaching, door mats are a must for keeping the dirt and mud out of the house. Keeping a rack for boots inside the door is handy too. To keep clean, clear entry ways and stairs of leaves and other debris.

It’s A Group Thing

We all need to chip in to keep our homes clean during the holidays, so get everyone on board! Keep rooms clutter free by putting away jackets, mail and other items that tend to be left around. Crafting projects and gift wrapping should be done in an area that guests won’t see.

On The Job

Pick a time each day to do a “clean sweep” of the house. Wipe down surfaces, vacuum, dust and plump up the couch pillows. By keeping smaller messes under control, we spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the season.

We find that by following these easy steps, our home stays clean and pleasant and entertaining is a breeze. Using a professional cleaning service is our foundation for maintaining a happy work and life balance that gives us quality time with our friends and family.

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