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  • “Great employees. Management is wonderful and I will continue using them.”
    - Juanita Osborne
  • “Once again the team of Yolanda and Nickie did an excellent job on our home. They were both efficient and pleasant. Arrived and got right to the job, first with very nice greetings and conversation, all the time bring in their tools. Once done they asked if we needed anything else at this time. The house, as always was tip top and great. Hardwood floors were shining. Great workers, who need to be commended.”
    - Anthony MONTOYA
  • “Words cannot express how much I love this company and the wonderful people who work for them. I had Fabina and Leo clean my home today and I completely forgot that they were coming and I am VERY ashamed of the state my home was in when they arrived. But they did -- as always -- an exceptional job and it was such a wonderful surprise to come home to an immaculate house. (I do so apologize for the incredible mess, though...). Thank you. You are wonderful.”
    - Erin
  • “It's great to come home to a clean house. They do a great job every week and the price is quite affordable!”
    - Kathy Harris
  • “I’m a neatnik and when the Cleaning Authority has been here, it is such a pleasure to have everything, and I mean everything, spic and span, thanks to Yeni, Myrna and Ivone. They do a wonderful job - such hard workers. But despite that hard work, they are so very pleasant. They take pride in their work and have great customer service. They really are the greatest.”
    - Yeni, Myrna, and Ivone are the greatest
  • “Sure appreciate the cleaning we get each time. This month was Amparo, Teresa and Myrna. Thank you so much.”
    - Diana
  • “I have a lifetime of hiring and evaluating custodians and housekeepers. It is obvious that "The Cleaning Authority "clearly understands the specifics of what makes a client appreciate and acknowledge how effective and respectful each cleaner must be. I very much appreciate Emilia and Julia and believe they are a very good example of the values "The Cleaning Authority" would want in each employee.”
    - Emilia & Julia
  • “Cleaning Authority does a great job cleaning my home. Rosy, Obudulia and Alex are wonderful. They are friendly, hardworking and trustworthy. When my dog hears them at the front door she is always excited to see Rosy!”
    - Linda
  • “Sonia, Angela and Ismelda did a fantastic job at cleaning our house! Very professional and polite!”
    - George Colby