How to Clean Bath Toys

Even with soap and water present, bath toys left to sit in a humid bathroom without drying are susceptible to mold, mildew, and germs. According to a study, nearly every bath toy tested had a “biofilm” of bacteria.

This is every parent’s nightmare – especially when witnessing their kiddo squirting water into their mouth from their beloved rubber ducky.

Read on to learn how to sanitize duckies and blocks, and how to keep all bath toys clean.

First, How to Eliminate Rubber Ducky Mold

Yes, mold hides inside your kiddos’ favorite rubber ducky. But when you can’t see or reach it, how do you thoroughly clean it? Not to worry!

Here are 4 tried and true methods to keep your kids’ bath toys clean.

Soak it (in vinegar)

Vinegar is the gold star among DIY household cleaners. Acetic acid naturally breaks down grime and kills bacteria and many types of mold. Fill a bucket or sink with pure vinegar and allow the toys to soak for a few hours until any mold or mildew has dissolved.

To clean inside squirting toys (duckies, water guns, etc.), draw the vinegar (or other cleaner) into the toy and allow it to soak before squirting out.

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Boil it

A centuries-old method to keep toys clean is soaking them in boiling water. The simplest way to do this is to set a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Set the toys inside for a few minutes before using tongs to remove them.

While this will work for most hard plastic and soft plastic bath toys, make sure the toys are made from heat-safe material before boiling.

We do not recommend using this method for cleaning squirting toys.

Run it (through the dishwasher)

Ready for this secret? Disinfecting plastic bath toys can be as simple as throwing them in the dishwasher! The machine’s powerful jets and high temperature effectively clean and kill germs on the exterior of the toy. Just make sure the toy is made from dishwasher-safe materials.

Wipe it (with disinfectant)

In a pinch, disinfectant wipes are an effective tool for a quick clean. This technique is only good for toys that don’t hold water. Rubber duckies and any other toy that holds water will need more than this to ensure the inside is also sterilized.

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How to Prevent Mold in Bath Toys

As parents, how can you be proactive to keep mold from even starting on your kids’ toys?

Here’s how to keep bath toys clean:

  • Clean regularly. Set your cleaning schedule to include sterilizing the toys once per week to prevent a buildup of biofilm.
  • Glue holes closed. The small holes that let water into the toy are the most problematic. Give yourself a hand, and hot glue the hole closed before mold has a chance to grow.
  • Allow toys to dry completely. Mold loves warm, damp spaces. Make a habit of draining toys after every bath. Set them on a rack or the side of the tub or sink to dry. Leave the exhaust fan on for an extra 15 minutes after the bath and let the toys dry overnight before putting them away.
  • Store in a dry place. Rather than storing bath toys by the tub where they can get wet every time someone takes a shower, choose a storage tub or a place in the closet where toys can stay dry until the next bath adventure.

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