What Items Can You Clean in a Dishwasher?

Depending on the size of your family, you may run your dishwasher as little as one or as many as seven times a week and maybe even more! While the dishwasher is generally seen as just being a dish cleaner, we’re here to share with you that it’s so much more than that.

Are you looking for ways to clean some of the things around the house after The Cleaning Authority comes through and cleans up your household? Many items besides dishes can be cleaned in your dishwasher, turning it into a multi-purpose tool! Check out the infographic below to see what household items can be loaded in.

guide to cleaning household items

What Items Can You Clean in a Dishwasher? 

Rubber Flip-Flops, Rain Boots, Galoshes, and Canvas Sneakers; Makeup Brushes; Soap Dishes; Non-Electrical Plastic and Rubber Kids’ Toys; Contacts Case; Mouth Guards; Hair Brushes and Combs; Shower Heads; Nail Clippers; Plastic and Metal Garden Tools; Refrigerator Shelves; Outlet Covers and Light Switch Plates; Small Plastic Trash Cans; Baseball Caps; and Pet Dishes.