Dry Vapor Cleaning

Dry Vapor Cleaning & Sanitizing

Using the Power of Steam for Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning requires training and experience because cleaners often work with extremely powerful ingredients designed to kill contaminants at a molecular level. However, there are ways to deep clean while using the most common chemical in the world: water. At high pressure and temperature, water particles become scrubbing machines that destroy contaminants and provide a deep clean with zero harsh chemicals or detergents.

The Cleaning Authority offers dry vapor cleaning and steam cleaning as an environmentally responsible, safe, and effective way to disinfect both hard and porous surfaces. Dry vapor cleaning works well in both interior and exterior surfaces and in both residential and commercial spaces. Call us today for a free estimate!

The Allergy-Friendly Way to Clean Your Home

It's important to keep our homes free of contaminants…but for people who have allergies to harsh chemicals or high sensitivity to smells, having a clean home might not feel like it’s worth the struggle. While our team is highly trained with all commercial cleaning tools and substances, some people will always have a bad reaction to cleaning chemicals. Harsh cleaners can cause some symptoms that match hay fever or pollen symptoms.

Dry vapor cleaning is the perfect solution. If your home has sensitive noses or people with bad allergies, a dry vapor cleaning can offer the same results as a deep chemical clean, but without the odors or unintended effects.

Dry Vapor Cleaning FAQ

What Is Dry Steam Cleaning?

Dry steam cleaning, or dry vapor, uses water heated to 240 degrees Fahrenheit to clean and disinfect surfaces at the same time. What makes it different from traditional steam cleaning is that dry vapor only uses the bare minimum of water as a safe medium for the heat. As a result, cleaned surfaces are left dry, with zero moisture or dampness. Due to the high heat and low moisture, our cleaners can penetrate into cracks, pores, and crevices that traditional cleaning normally misses. While topical cleaners clean the surface, dry steam can sanitize and clean much deeper down.

What Surfaces Can Dry Vapor Cleaning Work On?

Dry vapor cleaning works on both hard and soft surfaces. It can be used on upholstery, carpet, bedding, granite, tile, fixtures, and any other surfaces on the interior and exterior of your home (so long as they are not sensitive to high heat). Dry steam cleaning is particularly effective at getting rid of odors, helping to kill dust mites and clear away pet dander. Dry vapor can also help kill mold and mildew—and even help prevent mold growth by clearing away moisture with heated steam. It's no wonder that dry vapor is a popular option for clients with sensitive allergies!

Do Dry Steam Cleaners Leave Surfaces Wet?

No, surfaces will remain completely dry after a dry steam clean. Traditional steam cleaners might have left surfaces a little damp in the past, but dry steam cleaning only uses a small amount of water. As a result, it's enough to use heat and water vapor to destroy contaminants and unwanted buildup, but not enough to leave behind water droplets.

Why Choose The Cleaning Authority for Dry Vapor Cleaning?

Since 1977, The Cleaning Authority has provided more than 20 million cleans. Our professional cleaners are the most trusted and most well-known cleaners in the country, providing our clients with free time to do what really matters to them. We're also helping our clients stay safe through the pandemic with powerful disinfection and sanitization cleaning designed to meet CDC guidelines for commercial spaces.

Why people call our dry vapor professionals:

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