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  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We have been using The Cleaning Authority for the last 6 years, and overall we have been very pleased. Michele and Nicole have been doing an excellent job for last several months.”

    - Maitreyee R.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The staff always is reliable and consistently does a super job! I've always been extremely satisfied. Katie is extra wonderful!”

    - Shelagh

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Thanks to everyone who keeps our home looking beautiful! I really appreciate the hard work and attention to detail! :-)”

    - Carrie S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The cleaners that last came out did an awesome job!! :-)”

    - Jim J.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The cleaners did a super job on the house! Thank you so much! It makes my life so much less stressed to have their help!! :-)”

    - Valerie K.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The cleaners make a great team & Judy has been very pleased with them as her team. They have a great attitude & are a joy to work with. Kudos to the team!! :-)”

    - Judie H

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Clem and I want you to know that The Team did a great job cleaning our home today. We appreciate their hard work and think they are an excellent team. Everything looks great after they have been here!”

    - Cindy M.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “You bring a bright smile with the spit & polish. We appreciate your help keeping this old house clean. Thank You!”

    - Sue and JJ

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I just love coming home to a clean house after a long day at work! I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of cleaning and I am picky. I would like to know what green products you use to clean the floors and dust the furniture. They look great without having a film on them.”

    - Bev F.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Just had our first clean yesterday. Unfortunately, you guys cleaned to well and now I am afraid to do anything in my own home. But seriously, your cleaning crew did an amazing job. I am very happy having you guys clean my home.”

    - Danial S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The cleaning team was fabulous!!! After having had the same cleaning lady for (27) years, I was anxious about trying a cleaning service. They were both so friendly and professional. Both of them went out of their way to make us feel that they wanted to please us.”

    - Julie W.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Our family has been very pleased with The Cleaning Authority services and staff. Our first two cleans were done well. I was especially pleased to not have the strong cleaning odor that usually comes with an in-home cleaning service - the house was spotless and no bleach or chemical smell! My two daughters were excited to come home to a clean and fresh house after the first clean. My seven year old daughter was very happy to see how clean her room was - It's like Santa came and surprised us! This is like Christmas, Mom! Thank you to The Cleaning Authority staff for your hard work and commitment to doing a good job every time. As a working mom of three, I have been able to enjoy the past few weekends doing fun things with my family thanks to your cleaning services - no more stress of having to clean all weekend! I actually have some free time for once in a long time!!! ”

    - Amber M.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Dear Cleaning Team, Thank you so much for coming. We appreciate your hard work for our family. ”

    - Amy, Jeff and Kids

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We are moving and because you have done such a good job cleaning for us we are going to look up and use The Cleaning Authority in our new house in Memphis TN. Thanks you. ”

    - Ann S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I put a straight-A review on Angie's List. Thanks again to the great people who come over! ”

    - Courtney M.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “My wife and I are very pleased. My wife did not want to go to bed because she didn't want to mess anything up. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks! :)”

    - Jason B.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Just wanted to give a word of thanks for the wonderful service we have been receiving. Ann & Sara do a fantastic job and are so nice to talk to as well when they come. We used a competitor service for some time before firing them after being unhappy and you GUYS BLOW THEM AWAY. We are thrilled with the service. Thanks so much.”

    - Tracy & Family

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We call cleaning day Magic Tuesday because we love coming home from work to a clean house!”

    - Lynette A.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The 9/4 cleaning was exceptional. What I especially liked was that things were put back well such as canisters in the kitchen. Thanks.”

    - Judy S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I've been quite happy with the cleanings, and only wish I could afford to have them come every week. ”

    - Emily A.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I've been using The Cleaning Authority for a year now and really couldn't be more pleased. These folks are dependable, professional and pleasant. And I appreciate that the same employees are (usually) at my home every week. Also they're very kind to my dog.”

    - Sue P.