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  • “My wife and I are senior citizens, we are very pleased with the efficiency and politeness of your employees. Your service not only meets our expectations but vastly exceeds them.”
    - Timothy S.
  • “VERY FRIENDLY and professional. We hope to have them again. Thank you, April, Marisela, and Fernando.”
    - Jim
  • “The brothers are great! I won’t need reminders, you’re now part of my life. Can I request that the brothers be my regular service team? I can’t believe how fast and thorough they are and responsive to my every request.”
    - Bobbye S.
  • “On a side note, team 14 just left and did a fantastic job! Whenever possible, we would like for her to be the one who cleans our home moving forward.”
    - Nicole & James G
  • “A quick note to compliment the team that cleaned our home yesterday. They did a fantastic job! If possible, can this team be on our standard team? The invoice left noted Maria, Katia, and Cristina. Please extend my compliments to them and let me know if they can be regulars at our home.”
    - Susan A.
  • “The team did an amazing job. Our blinds have never been cleaner and everything was great”
    - Karen & Arthur EE.
  • “Colleen seemed very pleased and that was very important. She commented that the crew was professional and really worked hard.”
    - Pete & Colleen T.
  • “I have to take a moment to praise the cleaning team 13 again. When they were here on Friday, they cleaned places that have never been cleaned by any other team. They are the greatest. Keep them coming.”
    - Dora C.
  • “There was not one thing that I had to clean when I got home that night! Even my bed was straightened - straightening my messy, hurried bed-making with something that looked very professional and inviting - what a treat for me! Please thank them for me! (Also, there was a slight smell of lemon when I walked in the house - rarely do I smell anything, but this was lovely - not an overpowering Pledge smell, but just a bit of something to make everything smell fresh and clean.)”
    - Annalee S.