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  • “The Cleaning Authority keeps my house clean and my life easier! I am very thankful for their service over many years. The staff is very flexible- sometimes I have to change days- and they do a great job when they are here. If we happen to be home when they are here, they are always friendly. If we are not home, we know our house will be taken care of and look great when we return. We recently added an addition to our family, our cat, and they greet him and make sure he is safe when they are here and when they leave. The staff are thoughtful and courteous, and the house looks great after they leave. We really utilize our kitchen and our messy stove always looks amazing after they are here. We look forward to continuing receiving their great service.”
    - Mike
  • “Tiffany and Cindy did an excellent cleaning today”
    - robert kane
  • “TiffanyB and Cindy, Team6 have done such a great job for us. The house always looks amazing after they leave. They are timely, efficient, and thorough. We don't have have the easiest house to clean with a couple of dogs present, but you would never know that after they get done with it. We really like the text and email arrival times so we can have the house ready. The rotation system really works well too, cant sy enough good things about the cleaning authority.”
    - Greg and Amy W
  • “Our Team Tiffany B and Cindy T-6 have been with Charlotte and Randall Robinson @ 12 Sparks Station Road, Sparks-Glencoe MD 21152 for a number of years. They are always an exceptional service team. Their arrival is always prompt. They are well dressed and look terrific. They know the service plan to follow. For example--upstairs first--my husband's office is upstairs and his office is perfectly cleaned and he is ready for his work. It is a privilege and a pleasure to see them every other week. Please give our best to your company and especially our super Cleaning Authority Team. Downstairs is cleaned to perfection in an extremely efficient manner. In other words the work results have been outstanding. But even more than their good work, I look forward to seeing them and how they are doing”
    - Tiffany B and Cindy T-6
  • “our team of stephanie and jessica have been extremely prompt, efficient and courteous. I am pleased and highly recommend them to anypne.”
    - robert barrow
  • “I've been with cleaning authority for almost a year. Bev have serviced me since day one and I continue to see and appreciate a job well done. Although, her partners have rotated, some good, some OK , I'm always comfortable to know that Bev is present. I'm writing today because, her partner today (Rosa) WOWed me. As I walked through my kitchen looking for possible missed spots there were NONE. Every additional task performed today was done to expertise. She has been here before and I noted how well she did but never got the chance to let her know. Well today, I want her to know that I see and appreciate her excellence. Thanks so much team 12!”
    - Althea
  • “I can’t say how impressed I’ve been with the professionalism of TCA and the great job the team does, more specifically Sarah & Dera. I would consider myself to be pretty picky about my house and have even let others go after the second cleaning. Although I was apprehensive to try a cleaning service they have lived up to my high expectations. It’s been so nice to come home from a long day and have a clean house! Thank you so much!”
    - Tracey
  • “My first cleaning was awesome! My pet peeve is a scum filled soap dish which is difficult to maintain when dealing with others. I made no mention of any specifics and just let them do what they do. Wow! My soap dish was sparkling. Thank you team #12, Beverly and Sherry. You were outstanding. I was so pleased and so grateful!”
    - Althea
  • “Jackie and Kelly did a terrific job in my house this morning. I met Kelly for the first time today. She and Jackie are a very good team. They were so efficient and friendly. I really appreciate the care they took with areas of my aging house that require "gentle" handling! A SHOUT OUT TO THEM FOR A JOB ALWAYS DONE WELL!”
    - Helene