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  • “Sherita and Horna do a fabulous job! My house is clean and with my health problems, it’s really important that they do their job exceptionally well, and they do just that! Combine that with their sweet dispositions and they’re a first class team for sure! Thank you ladies! Linda Hudson. I give them 5 stars!”
    - Linda H.
  • “I have to say what an excellent job my two cleaning angels performed on Wednesday at my home. My house was in definite need of cleaning, and they went way beyond my expectations and time and attention paid to our house. Everything was so clean and done perfectly in our home. I am so happy to have had them to clean here. I look forward to seeing Jackie and Andrea again if they are available. Thanks so much, Pam Wilson”
    - Jackie and Andrea W.
  • “Finally I had no issues after I checked! Stefanie Nicole and Dre did a great job! I would Prefer them to return! One satisfied customer from this team!!”
    - Branch
  • “Yolanda and Reina did a fantastic clean for me today. When they left I checked every room and found nothing had been undone. All was sparkling clean. They were pleasant, courteous and professional. Please schedule them for my future visits. Please let them know I commended them and reward them with a bonus.”
    - Mary Cesena
  • “Carrie and Sherida did a particularly good job yesterday.”
    - John
  • “Yolanda and Reyna do such a beautiful job in my home every month. I am very pleased with my services.”
    - C. Harwood
  • “Nicole has been part of the team that has been coming to my house for some time now. She is so polite and personable and does a great job cleaning the toughest part of my house, the dreaded hair spray stuck on our garden tub. Several young ladies have accompanied her that have been wonderful. I am so sorry I have been missing this opportunity to brag on them and I know there are others that I can't remember their names so please forgive me. However, in addition to Nicole, Summer, Maya, Stefani, and a super young lady that went to the beach with Nicole about a month ago. Nicole - do you know who I am talking about? Thank you all so much for your dedication and flexibility. You are awesome!”
    - Mary Akers
  • “Jackie, and the second lady's name was Maria I think. I was home today when they came as i had just finished my vacation. They came in and did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed talking with Jackie she was wonderful, as was Maria.”
    - Pat
  • “I love these two young ladies. Glenda and Tiffany are very professional when they enter my home to clean. They are by far my favorite team!!! Thank you for all you do to ensure my home is spotless”
    - Tina