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  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The 2 girls did a fabulous job. Highly recommend them. I happened to be home that day and was amazed at the detail they went thru.”

    - Stuart Linder

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “My first cleaning with Cleaning Authority was great. The girls did a wonderful job and I was quite impressed!”

    - Kay Leerssen

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The cleaning rotation outlined by the company is excellent. Performance after first few cleans has been very good, and I believe will improve to excellent as they learn the nuances of the house.”

    - Mark

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The ladies were very pleasant, efficient and dedicated to their cleaning tasks. It was so great to have my house clean without my own efforts. This was only the first visit from TCA, so I look forward to my house feeling cleaner and cleaner as time goes by!”

    - Peggy B.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Life became so much better after I signed up with Cleaning Authority. The decision took a while, but I finally realized that there's nothing wrong with wanting my house to be cleaner than I can keep it. The surprise benefit has been having my house completely clean all at once. That's something I had never experienced, and now I enjoy it each time the team has been here! The professionals on the cleaning teams are great to work with. They always arrive with a happy greeting, no matter how long their day has been, and they stay cheerful and energetic as they work. They're very accommodating, such as if I'm still straightening up when they arrive. We have two big dogs, and no matter who's on the team that day, they treat the dogs kindly and with patience. I couldn't be happier with this company! The company: Communication: 5 stars! Professionalism: 5 stars! Flexibility: 5 stars! The team: Communication: 5 stars! Professionalism: 5 stars! Flexibility: 5 stars! PLUS Friendliness: 5 stars! Work ethic: 5 stars! Enthusiasm: 5 stars!”

    - Dorian Harvey

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We have been using the company for almost 3 months and are really happy with the service they provide. The workers are respectful, focused and friendly. They pay attention to details and have been thorough in their work! We love coming home to a clean and organized home!”

    - Reena

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “First cleaning was great. Had a visit from the spot check person and that was great. I don't think she found many issues as the two cleaners that were here were very good. Thank you and we look forward to cleaning number 2!!!”

    - Steven Courtney

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We were very happy with our first cleaning!”

    - C Thurman

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I absolutely love The Cleaning Authority. Not only do they clean the house (hooray!) but they go above just that. Making the beds, folding blankets, resetting pillows. It is such a luxury and special treat for me! Thank you!”

    - Amy J

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I was very pleased with my first cleaning. My house was really dirty and was such a relief to get some help. I am very excited for them to come again tomorrow.”

    - Kristine Rust

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Personnel extremely professional. Every clean is of high quality!!! We have used this service for almost a year and have NEVER been disappointed. The Cleaning Authority is just what he doctor ordered. ”

    - Karen - Ramsey

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “After I hired them for a one time cleaning, I was so happy with their work that I hired them to clean every month. I've now been using them for 10 months and I'm still very happy with their work. The quality of their work has stayed the same all this time. I like that the supervisor comes by and inspects their work sometimes--every third or fourth month. I have two messy teenaged sons, and even though I try to pick up before they arrive, it can be quite cluttered, but they work with it.”

    - Mary - Roseville

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The girls have been doing a fantastic job each week! Its so nice to come home to a clean house! ”

    - Kathy - Brooklyn Park

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “It is so nice to come home to a clean house and to know that is one thing on my list that I don't have to worry about. After you clean it has a fresh crisp feeling about it. Thanks for all you do.”

    - Katie - Andover

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I received your brochure and checked you out on Angie's List and the BBB. After seeing the reviews and ratings I started using your service. WOW, I'm impressed! I love the attention to detail and the rotation system.”

    - Jill - Stillwater

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The team does a great job. I'm really pleased, team very pleasant and professional. They do just a wonderful job; it makes me very happy!”

    - Jayne - Maple Grove

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “House has never looked so good. Keep up the good work!”

    - Sue - Roseville

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “This company is great; they are accommodating and pleasant to work with. The service allows my wife and me to spend more time with the kids and enjoy life.”

    - Tim - Blaine

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We have always been pleased with each clean. We definitely appreciate the rotation schedule which allows for focused cleaning and detail in each area. You have been easy to do business with and have been very accommodating.”

    - Lino Lakes