Staying Clean Beyond Hand Sanitizer

During this public health crisis, we have put together some items that will help you and your loved ones stay clean.

Tip: Wash Your Hands

The most important thing you can do is to wash your hands. As we said in our Flu Guide, wash your hands regularly during the day and whenever you enter a new place to avoid spreading germs or dirt you have picked up.

Item 1: Alcohol Wipes

Sanitizing alcohol wipes can be used to clean your hands and anything that you come into contact with, such as airplane trays or shopping cart handles.

Item 2: Sanitizer Spray or Gel

A small bottle of sanitizer in your travel case can come in handy while you move about throughout the day. Apply it to your hands when washing them is not an option.

Item 3: Stain Remover Pen

A stain remover pen is perfect for travel in both its size and the job it performs. Its small size fits easily into a travel bag. It can also remove the wine spill or coffee drip you had during dinner with clients.

Item 4: Travel Tissues

Tissues can be your defense against others spreading germs when they sneeze or cough. They can also be used for cleaning up after a spill if you don’t have access to a cloth or napkins.

Item 5: Cleaning Eraser

A cleaning eraser (sometimes called a “magic eraser”) may seem like an unusual item to keep on hand during this time, however, its “magic” is especially useful when on the road. It can be used to clean your shoes, remove stains, clean your computer…the list goes on. And its size fits perfectly into a small bag.

Your five items are ready for your next outing. Rather than having each of these items floating around in your travel bag, why not simplify access by placing them all into a travel bag that fits in your briefcase or purse.

Now that you’re set to be clean and organized anywhere, contact The Cleaning Authority to get your free estimate.