The Cleaning Authority: Women in Franchising

International Women’s Day is March 8th, a global day to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, please join us in celebrating the professional accomplishments of a few of our female owners in The Cleaning Authority network! Read more about their stories below!

If you are a woman in franchising and would like to know more about opening a The Cleaning Authority location, please visit for more information!

Sherri McArthur The Cleaning Authority Sherri McArthur
The Cleaning Authority - Fenton, MI

Background with The Cleaning Authority:
Sherri opened her office on March 1, 2001, just celebrating 20 years of business last week! Prior to purchasing The Cleaning Authority, she was a realtor for more than 10 years.

Why Did you Choose The Cleaning Authority?
I chose The Cleaning Authority because I liked the model and structure of the company. It made sense to me, and I knew I could teach it and sell it because I believe in it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed 20 years owning this business, even through the tough times. I always come back stronger for it! My favorite part of being a business owner is the people, especially the employees. I love the training program and helping others to grow and better themselves.


Paula Friedrich
The Cleaning Authority - Frederick, MD

Background with The Cleaning Authority:
Paula started her career with The Cleaning Authority in July 2002, opening The Cleaning Authority Westminster. In 2007, Paula sold a portion of her business, and opened The Cleaning Authority Frederick with her two sons, Andrew and Brian.

In 2017, Paula sold the remaining portion of The Cleaning Authority Westminster to the corporate office and focuses on The Cleaning Authority Frederick full-time!

Prior to The Cleaning Authority, Paula was the regional director and assistant vice president for H&R Block for eleven years, overseeing up to 300 franchise locations and numerous company-owned offices simultaneously. She credits this experience as giving her insight into running her own franchise, as well as assisting The Cleaning Authority corporate office in their younger days to revise their training program for employees and owners.

“It was at H&R Block that I learned the benefits of selecting a strong franchise brand, a good territory with the potential for long term growth, and a strong franchisor with a desire to be the best in their industry.”

Any advice for women looking to join the franchising world?
In my opinion, franchising is an excellent way to help people get ahead. It is basically buying a business in a box with the purchaser gaining the rights to use a proven business name, marketing program, software package, training program and operational procedures and support to help them achieve success far greater and quicker than they could have done on their own.

Laura Liebler
The Cleaning Authority – Tampa, FL

Background with The Cleaning Authority:
Laura has owned The Cleaning Authority Tampa for 15.5 years. After working at two Fortune 100 companies, she was ready to have a company work for her, stating “I had envisioned owning a business for many years, but I could never decide what type of business would be best.”

After working with a business consultant, it became clear to Laura that The Cleaning Authority was the right fit for her.

Why Did You Choose The Cleaning Authority:
I was very focused on the objectives that I wanted to achieve with business ownership. I spent time identifying my values and goals and evaluating if The Cleaning Authority supported my vision. After meeting the corporate team at The Cleaning Authority and learning what support they provided for franchisees, I felt very confident that I would have the resources and technology to help me be successful. Fifteen years later, I feel that I have exceeded the expectations I had for business ownership.

Any advice for women looking to join the franchising world?
My success over the past fifteen years has shown me what is possible for women who want to own their own business. Through the support I have received from my family, my franchisor, my employees, and a large community of like-minded people, I have exceeded my goals. I also enjoy mentoring women who are working towards career success, and I have found that I always get back as much as I give.

Laurel Cox The Cleaning Authority Laurel Cox
The Cleaning Authority – Bowie, MD

Background with The Cleaning Authority:
Laurel and her husband Gary opened The Cleaning Authority on March 1, 2008, celebrating 13 years of last week! Laurel worked at the corporate office in the very early days of expansion – with only 12 locations at the time. For six years, Laurel helped grow the corporate support system, creating training manuals, teaching new franchisees, and launching the call center. In 2008, an opportunity arose to open a location in Laurel’s hometown, and they have been there ever since.

“Operating as a husband-and-wife team for years has been an adventure, but our greatest thrill was 4 years ago when our daughter came into the business full-time. We are now a family business with a succession plan! We survived the Great Recession of 2008 and are working our way through the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Any advice for women looking to join the franchising world?
My advice to women in franchising: Stay Focused, Stay Strong. There are hills and valleys in business, and when you are the leader you set the tone for your entire staff - every day. Set them up for success, and they will work with you for your success.