How to Organize Your Car for a Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip this summer? You may have house maintenance tasks on your pre-vacation checklist, such as laundry, packing, emptying the fridge, taking out the trash, and more!

In the days before you depart, we suggest adding one more task to your to-do list – cleaning out and organizing the car! We have put together a guide that ensures you hit the road with everything you need to enjoy your time in the car.

Infographic with tips to organize different parts of your car before a road trip.

Glove Compartment

  • Organize your important car documents into a small, expanded file folder.
  • Store an empty medicine bottle for an easy place to store pocket change.

Console Area

  • Store your essentials in small labeled zippered pouches that can fit in your center console.
  • Line your cup holders with silicone muffin liners to keep them from sticky spills or leaks.
  • Once a month (or more as needed) remove the liners and clean.
  • On the floor, keep an empty cereal storage container lined with a trash bag for a convenient garbage receptacle.


  • Keep your kids’ stuff in one easy place with a repurposed over-the-door shoe organizer.
  • If you have a pet, purchase a car seat cover, or use an old set of sheets or large blanket to provide a comfortable solution for your furry friend while protecting your seats from hair and scratches.


  • It’s important to always be prepared for an emergency! Keep a storage bin or basket in your trunk, equipped with a first aid kit, jumper cables, roadside emergency toolkit, flashlight (and extra batteries!) blankets or warm clothes, snacks and water bottles, and paper towels in case things get messy!

There is nothing like coming home to a clean home after a long trip! You take care of the unpacking and let us take care of the rest! The Cleaning Authority’s Professional Housecleaners are here for all your cleaning needs.

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