Organization and Care of Sheets and Towels

During this season of the Winter White Sale, let’s turn our attention to the toppling pile of bed and bath linen in your closet. Typically the linen closet is full of towels, sheets, and other random objects that have been placed there over the years. Now is a great time to get organized and take advantage of the white sales to purchase anything you need.

The first step towards getting organized is taking an inventory. Remove all of the contents from the closet and see what’s there. There may be old, mismatched sheets that are only good as a drop cloth. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of all but an extra set of sheets for each bed in your home, so that you have two sets of sheets for each bed. If you aren’t good at doing laundry regularly, then three sets.

The same goes for bath towels. One set for the towel rack and one in the wash (or if it’s the hamper, have three sets). And don’t wait for them to get dingy or ragged before replacing. Towels can become less absorbent around the two-year mark. This is generally a good time to transition them to other jobs such as cutting them up for cleaning cloths.

Now that your sheets and towels are stocked properly, let’s take a look at how to keep them in tip-top shape. When it comes to washing, do it at least once a week, using your machine's hottest setting. This is especially true during the cold and flu season and will ensure that bacteria are killed and gone. Finish up with a cool rinse cycle.

Wash your towels and sheets separately, and also separate from your clothing. The weight of towels and sheets is very different. Because of this, they will behave differently in the washer and dryer. Also, towels can get balled up in the sheets, and they won’t wash or dry properly. And finally, the lint from towels can pass onto anything else in the dryer with them.

Wash only one set of sheets at a time in your washing machine. This will ensure that the soap moves to all surfaces and likewise is rinsed from all surfaces. Be sure to use a fast spin speed for these bulky items to help have a more efficient drying time.

Now that your linen closet is clean and organized, why not have the rest of your home cleaned as well? Visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.