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  • The Cleaning Authority

    “These ladies are everything one could hope for and their work is outstanding.”

    - Jeff P.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I continue to be impressed with the thoroughness and follow through of these lovely ladies. I have recommended your service to many of my friends! Thank you. I especially appreciate Anthony as he coordinates and contacts me regarding time of cleaning, etc.”

    - Dorothy White

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “After years of hospitality-based business, I want to tell you I am very pleased with the service and will continue.”

    - Vince P.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “So VERY HAPPY with my cleaning. They clean like I would IF I could, I'm very pleased.”

    - Mary M.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We are just so happy with the wonderful ladies that are taking care of our home. Efficient professionals who do a great job. Thank you!”

    - Jaffa J.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “This is the first time I have ever had anyone clean my home... I will tell you the attention to detail is awesome. 3 lovely ladies worked like crazy for over 3 hours. Kenia, Iris and Petzarda. Thank you all so much!”

    - Terry S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “First visit and cleaning, very happy. Ladies are efficient and nice. Professional service. Thanks.”

    - Jaffa T.

  • The Cleaning Authority


    - Camden G.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I have had my house cleaned twice now by Adriana and Kashiry and they have done an outstanding job! They will be back this week and I can’t wait! It has made my life so much easier, and they always leave the house looking and smelling great! Thank you!”

    - Jade Clayton

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Awesome team. Excellent cleaning, I will definitely call them again. Thank you!”

    - Juan Ceballos

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “It is so nice to come home to a clean home. I just wanted you to know that Kashiry and Adriana (sorry if I misspelled their names) do a great job, and I am very happy they come to my home.”

    - Laura Gryb

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “They did an awesome job with my first two cleanings!”

    - Donna Little