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  • “The CA crew came and did a whole house deep clean and our house looked absolutely brand new. We had been working on an addition to our upstairs and the downstairs had gotten a bit dusty and dirty in between cleanings. When the project was finished their deep clean got the whole house looking as good as it did 4 yrs ago when we built it. Great Job Brandy and Kierra!!”
    - Mark & Kelly
  • “Stephanie and Brandi cleaned my home today as scheduled but my home was considerably more messy due to construction. They went above and beyond and I am so pleased with the way my home looks and smells!”
    - Kelly
  • “Vesara and Carolyn, Excellent Job!!! As always!!”
  • “Rachel B and Sherry cleaned our house today. I have been using the Cleaning Authority for about 2 years now. I was ready to switch to another company until they showed up. Our house hasn't had a good cleaning since Kim stopped coming. I don't want anybody else to clean our house except Sherry and Rachel B.!”
    - Pam S
  • “Rene and Courtney did a wonderful job cleaning. They really put in the extra effort to make the house look noticeably cleaner. Thanks! Kim”
    - Great Job!
  • “Cleanings are GREAT . great customer service!”
    - Sue Young
  • “His cleaning service is awesome. Also the staff is really understandable and very nice to there employees. He is a great person to talk to and work with.”
    - Cindy smith
  • “Team out today was amazing!”
    - Brian
  • “I LOVE having the company come clean my house. Stephanie has been cleaning our house for almost a year now and she is lovely and always on time.”
    - Garry