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  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I have been using The Cleaning Authority for a little over a year now and I have been very happy with the service. The staff is very professional, they are punctual, and they are trustworthy. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for house cleaning service.”

    - KayDee

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Fatima, Paola and Junniete did a great job cleaning the house while I was on vacation. It was great to arrive to a home that is spotless. Thank you!”

    - Cynthia G.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The women that come to clean my home are always on time very friendly and do a great job - thank you Marien and Maira!”

    - Jennifer B.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I've been using The Cleaning Authority for over a year now and couldn't be happier with their service. Yesika and the rest of Team #1 are always on time and do an excellent job. I have 2 small dogs who can be quite difficult around guests, but they are always greeted with open arms and smiling faces. I would recommend The Cleaning Authority to anyone considering a cleaning service.”

    - Bill

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Maira/Matien do a great job. It's only been two times we have had our house cleaned, but they do a great job. I am impressed so far.”

    - Kirsten and Kenneth J.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The team Junieth Eileiment & Adriana do a good job with cleaning and organizing my house each time they visit.”

    - Stacey

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “We’ve used this company for about 2 years now and they are great! They are professional, accommodate our sometimes changing schedule, and all of the ladies do a great job. The owner, Rebecca, always texts us a few days before our scheduled day/time to remind us. So glad we found them!!”

    - M. Tait

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Really like the cleaning teams that have come to my house. They are always very professional and do a fantastic job!”

    - Claudia G.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Christian and Desiree did an excellent job. They are always so pleasant and leave my home extremely clean and neat. I’ve been using The Cleaning Authority for about 3 month and I very happy with their service. I recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning service!”

    - Lixi

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “What a great team Maria and Marien are! They did an excellent job! My home was so clean, everything from kitchen to bathroom was spotless. Thank You Cleaning Authority North Miami!”

    - Jan Billow

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Yesika and Saelma were excellent. They attended to individual details in my home that were a priority for my needs.”

    - Mrs. M

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Yesika and Saelma are wonderful!! They are thorough and do a great job at my home. This team is reliable and provides great customer service. I am grateful for all the hard work the Cleaning Authority does.”

    - Brittney S.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Yesica & Desiree were amazing! It's my first time using this service and I was so impressed by their attention to detail. They were right on time and took their time in each area. They also took in to account all of my requests and handled them perfectly. I look forward to having them come again. Thank you!”

    - L.L.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Very professional company and crew. Maira and Marien are awesome! If you have any complains just let them know and they will fix it right away. We stopped looking for cleaning companies after we found the cleaning authority.”

    - Carla

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Xiomara and Desiree were the perfect team for our home. They didn’t miss a spot!! And they were quite pleasant as well as prompt. Thank you for the excellent cleaning experience. And please come back again.”

    - P. L. G.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Very happy with the service of your people. Maina & Maimen, do an excellent & thorough job. I would love for you to send them to my house every time!”

    - Kurt Rix