Cleaning Tips for Phoenix Area Pet Owners

Phoenix area pet owners face a few challenges when it comes to making sure their home is clean after their pets have been out in the warm weather or simply lounging around in the air conditioning all day. It’s important to make sure the home is clean for a number of reasons, including helping with allergies that individuals may have. Here are some cleaning tips for pet owners in the Phoenix area to make sure they have the cleanest home possible.

  • Check the corners – When it comes to having a pet, some of the pet hair can build up in the corners of the homes. When cleaning, make sure to check all corners and sweep away the hair prior to vacuuming or mopping in order to get the best possible clean.
  • Vacuuming furniture – Those roaming pets can leave their hair wherever they go, including on couches and chairs. Usually, the best way to get this is a hand vacuum and some lint rollers to help catch the hair and remove it from the surface of the furniture.
  • Stains and odors – Unfortunately pets can also leave stains and odors. Having a proper cleaning agent that is safe for the pets is important. Pet owners can remove the spot from their floors, mask the odor, and provide the clean home they deserve.
  • Preventing a mess – With Phoenix being hot in the summer and nicer in the winter, it gives the perfect opportunity to spend some time of the day outside with your pet, then also house training them. They are better served this way and can help prevent a mess from occurring.

If you are having trouble cleaning after your pets due to a busy schedule or for any other reason, our team can help. The Cleaning Authority of Phoenix is dedicated to making sure our customers have the services they desire to keep their home as clean as possible.

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